Suprisingly the most sane person in the game.


Name: Ragna the Bloodedge, Grim Reaper, Black Beast
Origin: Blazblue
Gender: Male
Classification: Half-Vampire, Criminal, The future Black Beast, The Jobber Above All
Age: Probably in his 20's
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speeddurability, agility, endurance, expert swordsman, can steal his enemy's vitality, can fire energy waves, regeneration (at least mid-low), darkness manipulation, able to consume souls, can manifest parts of the Black Beast, inflict spiritual damage, barriers, conceal his presence, heavily resistant against mental, spiritual, temporal and spatial attacks | previous powers & abilities to a greater level as well as inflict poison and can rewrite an entire planetary timeline
Weaknesses: Arrogant and short tempered
Destructive Capacity: Small town level+ (superior to Mu-12) | At least country level, likely higher (managed to kill Susano'o)
Range: Extended melee range, several kilometers with energy blasts
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (he dodged cloud to earth lightning strikes from Rachel) | At least relativistic, likely higher (blitzed Susano'o)
Durability: Small town level+ | At least country level, likely higher
Lifting Strength: At least Class K
Striking Strength: Class TJ | At least Class ZJ, likely higher
Stamina: Large (fought an entire series of battles with strong opponents with only small breaks, can temporally ignore pain to some extend)
Standard Equipment: His Blood-Scythe, Blazblue/Azure Grimoire
Intelligence: Skilled fighter, fairly intelligent
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Dead Spike: Ragna unleashes dark energy from his sword in the shape of a vicious beast's mouth which hits the enemy.

- Inferno Divider: A jumping slash at a 135 degree obtuse angle.

- Carnage Scissors: Ragna performs a very fast, dashing sword strike, then releases a huge amount of dark energy from his sword.

- Blood Kain: Ragna's body is surrounded by a dark aura which increases all of Ragna's stats/attacks/abilities dramatically, it drains his own health slowly and it lasts only for 10 seconds.

- Devoured By Darkness: Ragna hits the enemy and sends him into the air with his hand which becomes a demonic claw, hitting him along with powerful dark tendrils (it can strike up to 70 times in an instant), he can regain a large amount of health but his Blood Kain ends in an instant.

- Black Onslaught: Ragna's ultimate attack, by unleashing Azure Grimoire's power, he hits the enemy and then his sword turns into a bloody scythe smacking him repeatedly (draining almost all of his soul) turning again his scythe into a large dark scythe this time and finishes him off with a dark powerful slash.

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Key: Base Ragna | Black Beast's Power