Yes, he is behind it all. Including your frustration


Name: Hazama, Yūki Terumi | Susano'o
Origin: Blazblue
Gender: Male
Classification: Evil Spirit, Scientist, Founder of NOL, Founder of Sector Seven, One of the Six Heroes | God
Age: 100+ at least
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, magic (for various purposes), energy blasts, mind manipulation (can erase/''eat'' memories), soul and life force absorption, inflict very potent spiritual damage, possession, immortality (Types 1,3 and 6), regeneration (mid-low level), teleportation, dimensional manipulation, time manipulation, hacking, intangibility in his true form, heavy resistance against mental, spiritual, temporal and reality warping attacks | All previous powers & abilities to a higher degree along with the ability to cut through space and summon remote-controlled energy swords
Weaknesses: Sadistic, cocky, finds pleasure in torturing and mocking his opponents rather than taking them seriously, cannot exist and will gradually fade away without an observer to reaffirm his existence, although Hazama can also survive by the hatred his enemies feel towards him
Destructive Capacity: Country level (''killed'' Trinity and is superior to Rachel) | At least country level, likely higher
Range: Planetary
Speed: Relativistic (superior to Rachel) | At least relativistic
Durability: Country level, immortality and being an evil spirit makes him harder to kill | At least country level, likely higher
Lifting Strength: At least Class K (stronger than Tager)
Striking Strength:
 Class ZJ | At least Class ZJ, likely higher
Stamina: Vastly superhuman (casually outlasted everyone in straight combat, by activating his blazblue he can leech everything from his opponent to replenish his own)
Standard Equipment: Blazblue (superior to Ragna's, boosts Hazama's power absorbs life force and souls in the vicinity, also shuts down any device with similar properties), Ouroboros (his Nox Nyctores, chained hooks with a snake like appearance), butterfly knives, dozens of throwing knives
Intelligence: Genius, the creator of The Black Beast and the developer of the Azure Grimoire (Blazblue), evil schemer, extremely manipulative and is behind most of the series plot events
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Life Link: A contract between two entities thus sharing one life. In order to kill someone with a Life Link, you have to kill both contractors at the exact same time. Otherwise the contract resurrects the fallen partner. Hazama established a Life Link with various beings over the series, always switching to a new one after the old became useless. Presently, he has a Life Link with the Imperator of NOL.

- Ouroboros: Hazama shoots chains of green energy with a snake head attached to the front. Aside from attacking, these chains can quickly retract to pull Hazama towards his opponent or be used as ropes to swing in the air.

- Hungry Coils (Jakō): Hazama shoots Ouroboros against an airborne opponent. The snake head latches onto the enemy and launches him to crash with the nearest wall.

- Serpent's Infernal Rapture (Jayoku-Houtenjin): Hazama charges his feet with energy and proceeds to kick the enemy up to the sky. Also the premium troll kick in the game.

- Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent (Mizuchi Rekkazan): Hazama summons a circle to snare his opponent and pull them for a barrage of slashes. Following that, Hazama summons Hydra-like serpent heads to strike the enemy and knock them away.

- Hungry Darkness of Thousand Souls (Senkon Meiraku): A mass of snakes rise from the ground around Hazama, snaring the opponent if they hit as more snakes surface from everywhere and eventually coalesce into one giant snake, which devours the opponent.

Terumi as Susano'o, the Edgy T-Rex



Past Yuki Terumi

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Key: Hazama/Yuki Terumi | Susano'o

Other: While Terumi had some memorable moments of trolling and overall had a lot of style going for him, the fact he has yet to suffer any repercussions for his deeds is starting to upset the fans. Even when beaten he's saved by the author or pulls a random scheme out of his ass.

Most of the fans tend to wank Terumi a LOT. And that's annoying beyond annoying. :giogio

In this aspect the comparison to Sousuke Aizen was more apt than it was originally intended.

Hakumen has finally fulfilled his destiny and killed Terumi in Chrono Phantasma, getting the long overdue comeuppance that he's been asking for. Didn't stop him from apparently offing Trinity with him (with any luck for good as well). Hopefully it'll actually stick.

As of CentralFiction it has not and Terumi is back with no repercussions for his actions as Mori kills Hakumen's hype in the process.



Hazama's true form :D