Saber Artoria Pendragon King Arthur OBD
King of Knights

Name: Saber (class name), Arturia Pendragon (original name),epithet “King of the Knights”
Origin: Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Extella
Gender: Female
Classification: Servant, Descendant of Dragons, King of Britain
Age: 24 (albeit she stopped aging since she hit 14)
Powers and Abilities: Super strengthspeeddurability, magic, enhanced senses, skilled swordswoman, precognition, regeneration (mid-low naturally, low-mid via Avalon), immortality (types 1 and 3 via Avalon), elemental manipulation (of the wind variety), magic resistance (which extends to a wide range of magic effects like: mind manipulation, petrification and spatial manipulation), barrier creation (can temporally amass a wall of magic energy and wind to block incoming attacks), summoning (of her armor and weapon), invisibility (masks Excalibur beyond Invisible Air), minor causality manipulation resistance, Prana Bursts which can increase her physical abilities by bursts of magic energy, able to “ride” any kind of mount or vehicle with supernatural skill, can retreat to the world of Fairies via Avalon thus temporally isolating herself from reality, able to walk on water
Weaknesses: She’s bound by her honor as a knight thus she’d never rely on underhanded tactics. Her sixth sense could be fooled by methods that Saber never experienced before, unlike other Servants, Saber isn't a proper Heroic Spirit thus she has a corporeal body and unable to turn into spirit form, without her magic enhancements, Saber is physically comparable to a regular girl of her age
Destructive Capacity: Small country level (Excalibur is comparable/superior to the conditional power of Caliburn)
Range: Extended human melee range with regular sword strikes, several meters via Prana Bursts, several dozens of meters via Strike Air, several kilometers with Excalibur
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (capable of trading blows with Berserker)
Durability: Island level+ (briefly tanked an attack from Gilgamesh's Enuma Elish, barely survived losing a clash between her Excalibur and Gilgamesh's Enuma Elish, has endured various strikes from Berserker, has endured various strikes from a Caster Reinforced Souichirou Kuzuki [who has demonstrated the physical might to catch Saber's sword strikes bare handed and briefly fend off attacks from Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon], and has defended against Rider's Pegasus with Invisible Air to some success); virtually invulnerable while Avalon is activated (see its mechanism below)
Lifting Strength: Class 25+ (can lift and throw an entire trailer truck with ease)
Striking Strength: At least Class EJ+ (capable of trading blows with Berserker)
Stamina: Very large (Servants below her level can fight for almost an entire day straight before exhaustion), she’s also technically tireless as long as her master can supply Saber with magic energy
Standard Equipment: Her Armor (materialized through Saber’s power), Excalibur, Invisible Air (a barrier of wind that conceals Excaliburs and makes the sword invisible), Avalon (Excalibur’s scabbard)
Intelligence: Above Average. Became a king at the age of 14 and successfully lead her country to prosperity. Has the ability to effectively command large armies and govern half of Britain. Thanks to being Merlin's apprentice she has good knowledge of magecraft even though Saber herself can barely use any sorts of spell.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Invisible Air: Barrier of the Wind King: In normal time, Invisible Air (the Bounded Field of the Wind King (Fuuō Kekkai)) is a mysterious wind that protects Excalibur like a scabbard. Through multiple layers of compressed and gyrated wind, it distorts the refraction of light and renders what is inside, the shape of the blade, completely invisible. But it is also a soundless, invisible whirlwind that can act as a protective wall on an area not limited to the sword. In Fate/hollow ataraxia, its defensive function completely enveloped the entire central building in an unbreakable protection. The whirlwind it produces enhances the cutting power. Additionally, it can be used as a distant attack by releasing the compressed wind at once, acting like a hammer made out of wind. This attack is not influenced by Saber’s current condition (prana level or physical strength). This attack is dubbed “Strike Air” in the upcoming Fate/Unlimited Codes by Capcom. It gives increased accuracy and defense, as it makes it difficult for opponents to parry lunges and thrusts from Saber, for they cannot discern the length or width of the blade. But once the opponent is able to correct the visual disturbance, Invisible Air is not much more than wind around a sword. In other words, it is totally ineffective against an opponent possessing the “Eye of the Mind (Fake)” ability, like Assassin, or a resistance to illusions. It is Saber’s main weapon, but its true purpose is to conceal the holy sword, and thus, Saber’s true identity, as the weapon is famous. It is treated as a Noble Phantasm, but it is rather a type of magecraft, as it really is a Bounded field.

Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory: It is a holy sword that converts the prana of the owner into light, intensifying the kinetic energy by convergence and acceleration, allowing the use of a sorcery at the level of divine spirits. A weapon of directive energy. To a third party viewer, it looks like a huge band of light, though in practice, only the tip is what can hit, and the light is a result of the “dislocation” of everything that this “ultimate killing technique” goes through. The tip of the attack also holds heat, making it a wave of light that can mow through the surface of the Earth. The concentric area of impact is broad enough to incinerate an entire military cohort, as it ranks as an anti-fortress Noble Phantasm.

Avalon: All is a distant Utopia : When initiated as a Noble Phantasm, Avalon dissipates into countless particles and immerses its user into a tranquil domain of the fairies, virtually a “portable fortress”. While bounded in this manner, an individual is shielded from all destructive interference in the physical realm, from parallel worlds, and dimensional planes. Avalon transcends even the most advanced sorceries, and is comparable only to“true” magic.

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Saber Artoria Pendragon King Arthur OBD
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