One of the best Dragon Ball villains

Name: Piccolo Daimao (translated to Demon King Piccolo or just King Piccolo)
Origin: Dragon Ball
Gender: Male
Classification: Alien (Namek)/Demon
Age: A few hundred years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, skilled in martial arts, flight, the ability to manipulate and use ki both defensively (can use his ki to enhance his natural durability and harden his skin) and offensively (can shoot ki blasts capable of crossing several kilometers), energy sensing, regeneration (mid), can give birth to demon spawns, immortality (type 1), shapeshifting (given the abilities of his son and other Namekians)
Weaknesses: Needs oxygen to breathe, can die if his head is damaged, his most powerful attacks leave him visibly exhausted
Destructive Capacity: At least small city level+ (far superior to Roshi) | City level+ (his Explosive Demon Wave packs that sort of power)
Range: Several kilometers
Speed: Hypersonic+ (a much weaker character was calced to be at least mach 20) | Hypersonic+
Durability: At least small city level+ | City level+ (survived his own Explosive Demon Wave going off no more than a few meters in front of himself)
Lifting Strength: Class M+
Striking Strength: Class TJ+ (capable of going head to head with Goku in a fist fight)
Stamina: Superhuman but gets exhausted if he uses too many powerful techniques in quick succession
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Hundreds of years of fighting experience
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Egg: Can create demon minions by laying an egg out of his mouth. He was able to pseudo reincarnate himself as Piccolo Jr. with this technique.

- Explosive Demon Wave: A large ki blast with enough power to destroy a city, using it more than once, however, leaves Piccolo visibly exhausted.

- Soumasen: Shoots beams of red ki energy out of his eyes

- Mouth Energy Wave: A beam shot from the mouth; considerably more powerful than normal ki bolts. King Piccolo used this attack to destroy Shenron after having his wish for eternal youth made.

- Regeneration: King Piccolo can regenerate as long as the nucleus in his head, survives (Note: King Piccolo is never shown using Regeneration, however, he is Namekian than he is probably capable of it, although he did die when Kid Goku punched a hole through his stomach).

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Other: Not to be confused with his clone/son of the same name


Daimao's Old Form

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