Ultimecia OBD
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Name: Ultimecia
Origin: Final Fantasy VIII
Gender: Female
Classification: Sorceress
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, magic, summoning, time manipulation (upwards of universal scale), elemental manipulation (of the fire, ice, lightning, wind, and earth variety), energy blasts, barrier creation, flight and levitation, poison manipulation, transmutation, possession (though she needs Junction Machine Ellone to do this across time, she's likely able to do so on her own without said machine), telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy (able to rip thoughts and knowledge straight from the minds of others), life creation (created Griever from Squall's imagination and gave life to previously lifeless stone Gargoyles), intangibility, shapeshifting
Weaknesses: Nothing notable
Destructive Capacity: Galaxy level+ (superior to Eden, her power combined with Sorceress Adel's was more than sufficient to enact Time Compression [the only thing she couldn't achieve without the aid of Ellone's mental time travel was the ability to cast the spell in 2 eras far enough apart simultaneously]) | At least galaxy level+ (Griever's and her powers have been combined together) | Universe level+
Range: Likely universal (Time Compression came about due to her own raw power combined with Sorceress Adel's.  No prep was required in terms of needing more power she didn't previously possess however) | Universal
Speed: FTL+ (moves at a solid fraction of the speed her magic travels [said magic can cover AU of distance in seconds as shown by Great Attractor])
Durability: Galaxy level+ | At least galaxy level+ | Universe level+ (she essentially becomes space and time)
Lifting Strength: Unknown | Class Y+ (able to move multiple planet sized masses) | Possibly immeasurable (she essentially becomes space and time.  It likely means that the act of moving at all would require significant physical might [for her body now houses the compressed matter of all of space and time])
Striking Strength: Unknown | Galactic Class+ | At least Galactic Class+, possibly Universe Class+ (she essentially becomes space and time)
Stamina: Superhuman+
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Extensive command of powerful magic, skilled manipulator, able to change the course of entire world events
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- HST (Holy Shonen Trinity)

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Other: The profile covers the canon version of Ultimecia. Not to be confused with the poster of the same name

Time Compressed Ultimecia
Time Compressed Ultimecia

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