Savaris is badass

Name: Savaris Qualafin Luckens
Origin: Chrome Shelled Regios
Gender: Male
Classification: Military Artist, Master of the Luckens House of Military Arts, Heavens Blade Successor, Kenshiro's Bastard Son
Age: 30+
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, durability, speed, agility, dexterity and sensesKei manipulation, able to enhance his stats with Kei, can see/sense Kei, able to hide his Kei signature completely and turn invisible, energy blasts, elemental manipulation, expert melee fighter and motor rider, capable of sustained levitation for short time, can ride on the shockwaves of explosions or the recoil of his own Kei blasts to maneuver in the air, able to create more than 1000 duplicates of himself in an instant; can blow up people from the inside with his Kei; molecular destruction via Kei-enhanced sound waves
Weaknesses: Addicted to battles. He's willing to take suicidal risks just to test the opponent's power. Savaris is also quite arrogant but it rarely clouds his judgment.
Destructive Capacity: Island level (able to compete with Dixerio's full strength before the latter's power-up), up to continent level with his Heavens Blade (his Roar Kei can break Laevateinn's thorn vine defense)
Range: Human melee range, at least a few hundred meters with Roar Kei, at least dozens of kilometers with Kei blasts
Speed: Sub-relativistic long range long range movement speed, FTL reactions/mid-range combat speed
Durability: City level (barely but took Dixerio's strongest attack before the latter's power-ups), can temporally raise his durability up to continent level
Lifting Strength: Class T via powerscaling (should be comparable to Gildred Antalk, his punches also have enough weight to send a kilometers tall Filth Monster flying)
Striking Strength: Class PJ (again, he sent a titanic Filth Monster flying, he had also caught Dixerio's strongest attack by hand), up to class YJ when enhancing his attack with External Kei
Stamina: Extremely large (after fighting for 3 days straight he stated he was only warming up, able to shrug off any not immediately life-threatening wounds)
Standard Equipment: Heavens Blade (named "Qualafin", a set of armored arm guards and leg protectors, allows Savaris to channel his full power and technically unbreakable), Dite (back-up set of arm and leg armors, worn at times when Savaris isn't authorized to use his Heavens Blade)
Intelligence: Genius fighter and expert hand-to-hand combatant, became Heavens Blade Successor at the age of 13 (a record which only Layfon managed to surpass).
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- External Burst - Gourikiteppa Kouga: Savaris pours his Kei into his opponent and causes them to explode.This attack was powerful enough to destroy one of Behemoth's hands which was described to be as large as one of the multi-legs of Grendan (so at least a few kilometers wide).

- External Burst - Drip: Savaris pours his Kei into his opponent and destroys its cells, slowly killing them from the inside out. The process should be a lot faster when used on a human-sized opponent.

- External Kei Karen Kei – Jaryu: Savaris creates Kei threads that latch onto his opponent. The threads are so small they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Through these Kei threads Savaris can send his energy directly at his opponent, hitting them with silver explosions of his Kei.

- External Burst Karenkei - Kazeretsu: Savaris releases a kick creating a violent air current that smashes whatever is in front of it. The technique has multiple (unnamed) variations. It could be an expanding cone of destructive winds to effect a wide area. Or a concentrated blade of wind strong enough to compete with Layfon's Sendan. There's also a variation which sends out swarms of smaller wind blades to overwhelm the opponent.

- External Burst Karenkei - Kishibaku: Savaris compresses the air at one point with his Kei which then detonates, creating a makeshift explosion. Useful for throwing the enemy off-guard or countering opposing Kei attacks.

- Internal Kei - Sakkei: A commonly taught technique that hides the user's Kei signature. Obviously that means the user won't be able to attack or perform actions that require much Kei. But it allows the user to avoid detection by other Military Artists and more advanced practitioners like Savaris can even turn themselves invisible. People with fine enough Kei detection abilities can spot less skilled Sakkei users, albeit Savaris' technique managed to fool even Layfon in the heat of combat.

- Internal Kei - Thousand People Rush: Savaris rapidly splits into many bodies, creating up to more than a thousand clones of himself. They can fight fight independently and use every technique that Savaris knows. Although the clones are only temporal and they dissipate upon being hit (similar to Naruto's Shadow Clones). Another drawback is that the clones ultimately share the same Kei pool as Savaris, who can already unleash his entire Kei reserves for a single ultimate attack. Meaning the clones don't increase Savaris' attack power at all. Against powerful opponents this technique can only serve as distraction. One of Savaris' favorite trick involves quickly generating a clone and switch places with it while the enemy isn't looking while Savaris himself would use Sakkei and attack from hiding. Sometimes he also prefers to use his clones as a proxy to combat weaker fighters.

- External Burst - Roar Kei: Savaris releases a tremendous amount of Kei into his voice, release it like a powerful shockwave. This technique has both offensive and defensive applications. In offense the destructive soundwave is so intense it could disrupt matter and reduce everything to dust. Even if somebody attempts to block it, Roar Kei's sound will penetrate through the ears to cause disorientation and internal bleeding. Roar Kei is also useful in defense. The technique is extremely quick and powerful, ideal to counter opposing Kei attacks. To further prove its versatility, Savaris also used this technique to pulverize rock and spew it around like a screen of thick dust, trying to ambush his opponent from hiding next.

- External Burst - Full Power Stab: Savaris punches the air and releases a concentrated bullet of Kei. The attack travels on a straight line and clears everything on its narrow path.

- External Burst - Absolute Full Power Stab: Savaris gathers an enormous amount of Kei around his fists that contains explosive power and punches the air, releasing an invisible shockwave. The shockwave travels many meters, permeates the skin and destroys the target from the inside out. The attack can also spread to multiple opponents, knocking them over like a bunch of dominos.

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Other: The profile covers the canon version of Savaris from the Light Novels.