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In the story behind the original series, Rock is a robot created as a lab assistant by the scientist Dr. Thomas Light; following treachery by Dr. Wily, Rock was converted into a fighting robot to defend the world from Wily's violent robotic threats. Thus he becomes Mega Man (Rockman in the Japanese original). Though all Mega Man games feature unique stories, settings, and characters, they nevertheless share several common features that have made the series one of the most consistent in video game history. The character controlled by the player was Mega Man himself, who had to fight through these levels using the "Mega Buster" (so named in Mega Man 4), a cannon attached to his arm, to shoot the robotic monsters that inhabited his environment. After defeating a Robot Master, the boss of a level, Mega Man would gain the ability to use that Robot Master's special weapon.

Each robot master was themed after a specific element or object, for example, "Fire Man," "Ice Man," "Stone Man," or "Napalm Man." The weapons Mega Man gained, in turn, would share the theme of whomever it was he had just defeated. Levels can generally be completed in any order, and as a result, determining the best strategic use of different weapons at different levels is one of the hallmarks of the series. Each new Mega Man game would contain new enemies, as well as familiar ones, new bosses (and thus weapons), and new gadgets. Enemies would have at least one weakness from certain weapons: for example, Ice Man's weapon is powerful against Fire Man. This creates a preferred order of stage completion. After all eight bosses are defeated, Mega Man travels to Wily's castle, and after fighting past clones of the eight bosses, confronts Wily, usually in his flying saucer.

Megaman X:

Keiji Inafune, wanting to give a new face to the popular character, created the Mega Man X series in 1993. Set in the future, this series follows the story of Mega Man's successor, Mega Man X, a new, advanced robot that has complete free will over his actions, thoughts, and feelings. This character, often referred to as simply "X," is a further creation of Dr. Light put into suspended animation and uncovered 100 years in the future by a researcher named Dr. Cain. The Mega Man X series was marketed at a new generation of video game players with an action twist to the original series' usually playful antics. In the Mega Man X series, the characters grow in abilities and power as the game progresses.

Megaman Battle Network:

Mega Man Battle Network, a series on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube, began in 2001 as a way for the Mega Man games to branch out into the console role-playing game market, as well as to celebrate Mega Man's 15th anniversary. Modeled after the popular monster battling franchises prevalent in Japanese media, this series features a character called MegaMan.EXE, a "Network Navigator" who acts as a virtual pet to Lan Hikari, a schoolchild and would-be hero who uses his friend to help battle computer viruses and other Internet-based threats. This game does not belong to the original series timeline. A resulting anime series Mega Man NT Warrior was also produced.

Megaman Zero:

In 2002, a follow-up series to the Mega Man X franchise was developed for the Game Boy Advance which starred Zero, a character from the previous games. Though called Mega Man Zero, a character named "Mega Man" is not actually playable, though it does take place within the same world as the previous Mega Man games. The series revolved around the battles Zero must have against a powerful human-supremacy force as he protects the oppressed remains of reploids. In the Mega Man Zero series weapons are no longer copied, but abilities and enhancements can be collected throughout the levels.

Megaman ZX:

Mega Man ZX, which began in 2006 is placed in the future, 200 years after the Zero series. This is the first Mega Man game series where the main protagonists are of different sexes. The first game revolves around the fight of Vent and Aile to help the Guardians, a group that fights against the Maverick (Mega Man), to stop the plans of Serpent, using the power of the Biometals, that has the info on the legendary heroes X and Zero. The second game takes place four years later. It deals with a predicament similar to the first, this time with both new and old characters entering the fray. ZX is also the first game of the original timeline where the main character is a human

Megaman Starforce:

A new series, Mega Man Star Force (流星のロックマン Ryuusei no Rockman?, Shooting Star Rockman) was released on the Nintendo DS on December 14th, 2006, and released in North America on August 8, 2007. The first game's launch commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Mega Man franchise. The Star Force games are very similar to the Battle Network games and also take place roughly 200 years later in the timeline. A second game and third game were released. An anime based on this series began airing on TV Tokyo in October 2006 and aired in North America in August on Toonami Jetstream on Cartoon Network.

Standing in the Battledome:

Classic Mega Man is a pretty hax series, everybody and their mother has something overpowered to them be it gravity manipulation, black holes, space/time warping powers, meteors, absolute zero ice, fire hotter than the core of the earth, lightning that is used as the source of power for power plants, you name it. If that's not enough, power copiers such as Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, & Duo have access to all of that as well and then some. The general robot master tends to be in the island level range, although higher tier villains such as the MM9-10 generation robot masters and the stardroids are multi-continent/small moon level. Then we have the likes of Duo, Sunstar, Ra Moon, and Evil Energy, known planet busting characters who scale to the likes of the three main characters (Mega Man, Proto Man, & Bass) and the Wily Machines as well. As for speed? Let's just say that this is a series where everybody and their mother have FTL scaling to some degree, even MFTL scaling later on. Technology such as teleporters are also millions of times faster than light.

Mega Man X is a series where fodder is stronger than top tiers from its predecessors. Oh boy. Pretty much a poster child for "everybody and their mother" type powerscaling, with even greater hax than the classic series. Many a character reaches planet level+ to large planet level, and as of X8 the cast is large star level with unquantifiably greater speed than the classic series. Mega Man Zero continues after Mega Man X and now has MFTL+ characters in the degrees of thousands of times the speed of light, and it also possesses the incredibly overpowered Dark Elf. Wielders of it are given access to planetary reality-warping, mindfuck, regeneration, intangibility, you name it. Zero has some cyber elves with similar effects and is stronger than any Dark Elf wielder along with Weil.

Mega Man Legends takes place thousands of years into the future, yet technology is not as advanced as you would be led to believe since the series deals with lost technology as a theme often and the main characters consist of the likes of sky pirates and diggers. It has the moon-sized Elysium and an alleged life wiper, but overall is one of the weaker Mega Man series' as it can't be scaled to Classic, X, or Zero.

Mega Man ZX is in a similar boat, it has the biometals that possess fractions of power characters' power, but it is also lacking in feats so the partial scaling only gets them so far. That said characters can still tank nuclear weapons and it has the likes of Model W, so it's fairly powerful in its own right.

Mega Man Battle Network takes place in a different timeline and is usually considered the strongest due to the universe busting entities within it. Several of the main characters are galaxy level to universal as it is in their base forms but have forms that can make themselves even stronger, with the potential multiversal being over time Bug Style Mega Man.exe. The verse also has a canon crossover with Starforce and a good speed feat from Duo.exe, effectively making a large portion of the cast millions of times faster than light. Much soul hax is involved in the series, but overall it's lacking a bit in hax compared to classic, X, & Zero despite this. Like Digimon, some downplay the series by saying that everything just takes place on the internet so feats don't count, but this is blatantly wrong. Beings inside of the net can affect our world, we have instances such as Mega Man grabbing Lan to calm him out of Bug Style mode, beings such as Duo sending viruses to our world, Gospel was going to invade our world after he was through with the net, etc.

Mega Man Starforce stars EM beings who are completely intangible to anything aside from other EM beings yet can interact with the physical world using selective intangibility. Even the weakest enemies in the game are at least the speed of light by virtue of being electromagnetic beings, let alone top tiers who are millions of times faster than light. For a long time, it was considered the strongest of the Mega Man series' and it's easy to see why. Much of the cast tends to be on the planet level side of things, but the top tiers Geo Stelar, Rogue, Sirius, and Sunstar all have large star level to even small galaxy level feats. Manipulating supermassive black holes is a pretty good perk for them.

Mega Man X Over is the strongest and has Over 1 who is essentially the composite Mega Man, but as it is also the shittiest by far, and thus several members would rather ignore it.

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