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Background Information

Getbackers is a completed shonen manga series with 39 volumes created by Rando Ayamine.

The series tells the story of Ginji Amano and Ban Mido a pair of superpowered individuals known as the GetBackers. The duo operates a freelance repossession service out of one of the seedier areas of Shinjuku Tokyo. For a fee, they will recover any lost or stolen item for a client with "a 100% success rate".

The GetBackers' job often leads them into bizarre and dangerous situations in order to "get back what shouldn't be gone". Their targets range from lost video games to misplaced components of an atomic bomb.

The plot mostly revolves around their adventures, often complicated by the pair's convoluted, individual pasts and a mysterious place known as the Infinite Castle.


Standing in the Battledome

GetBackers is a decently powerful series but nowhere as powerful as was once believed. For the record, it is NOWHERE NEAR multiversal.

On average, the characters are supersonic+ with the upper high tiers and top tiers being hypersonic+ with relativistic+ reactions/attack speed.

Although the high and top tiers have country/country+ level stats and are much stronger now, because of this calc.


Supporters of the Series

  • God Movement


Character Profiles


Main Protagonists


Ban Mido Ginji Amano Haruki Emishi Himiko Kudo Juubei Kakei Kazuki Fuuchou.
Kuroudou Akaba. Shido Fuyuki        

Allied Protagonists

Agi Ryuuhou Amon Natsuki Kaoru Haruki Maria Noches Paul Wan Teshimine Takeru
Toshiki Uryuu Sakura Kakei        

Residents of Beltline


Der Kaiser Jouya Kanou Kaoru Ujiie Kyoji Kagami Maiya Kokuchou. Masaki Kurusu
Saizou Toufuuin Shimon Miroku Shimon's Daught. Shimon's Son The Voodoo King Yohan Kokuchou.
Yuuri Kokuchouin          

The Miroku Seven


Kirara Miroku Natsuhiko Miroku Yukihiko Miroku


Wielders of the Divine Design


Gabriel Lucifer Remiel Sariel Seriyuu


The Kiriudo Clan


Ageha Dokubachi Genshu Miyama Jourougumo Juurou Kamata Kabuto
Kirihito Murasakimaru Onigumo Saichou Mumyou. Semimaru Kanad. Suiha Koyanagi


Other Antagonists


Binghu Takuma Fudo Zhuolong

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