What a GANG, yo


Background Information


Written by Akira Amano, it's a manga about mafia. The leader of the Vongola mafia familly, Vongola IX, sends the strongest hitman in the world, Reborn, to train his successor, 14 year-old Sawada Tsunayoshi, into a man worthy of the title Vongola X. Tsuna is, for all intents and purposes, a loser. His nickname is even No-Good Tsuna. Reborn however decides to train him using the Dying Will bullet, which is a bullet that, when shot at someone in the head powers them up for 5 minutes using their regret of dying. Tsuna and Reborn recruit a familia, a subdivision of the Vongola who will later lead it. This includes Hayato Gokudera, Yamamoto Takeshi, Lambo, Sasagawa Ryohei, Hibari Kyouya, Chrome Dokuro and Rokudo Mukuro.

Standing in the Battledome


KHR is generally accepted as being quite weaker than the HST, but still stronger than D.Gray-Man and Hunter x Hunter.

The top tiers are at city+ level (Tsuna himself is casually so) and massively hypersonic+

The other strong characters are at city level (although, the power difference between the high tiers varies).

They have some hax such as Tsuna's petrification and energy absorption, Spade's BFR, and Mukuro's illusions

Note: It was once massively wanked by a dumb slag (i.e. female) poster named migukuni or dubbed quite hilariously as yaoi girl.


Supporters of the Series


  • God Movement
  • Iwandesu


Character Profiles


Vongola Familia


Chrome Dokuro Daemon Spade Gokudera Hayato Hibari Kyouya Lambo Rokudo Mukuro
Sasagawa Ryohei Sawada Tsuna Yamamato Tak.      


The Varia


Superbia Squalo  Xanxus 




Bermuda von V. Colonnello Reborn 




Iemitsu Sawada


The Millefiore Familia (also including the Six Funeral Wreaths)


Bluebell Byakuran Daisy Gamma Genkishi Ghost
Kikyo Torikabuto Zakuro      


Shimon Familia


Adelheid Suzuki Enma Kozato Koyo Aoba Rauji Ooyama Shitt P.









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