Battle Royale OBD

Background Information

Battle Royale is a series based in a messed up Japan, where kids from a random class are sent to an island, strapped with an explosive collar, given weapons and told to fight in a deathmatch for lulz. I know, WTF. The series, however, is a sound read with lots of gore and fanservice from Mitsouko (Hardcore) Souma mainly, with lots of moral dilemmas and a new way to view killing to survive.

Standing in the Battledome

The series from a battle perspective isn't as good, with most characters being base human with a few exceptions who are peak human. However, it is debatable that Kazuo Kiriyama is beyond peak human with one WTF instance of ki usage and crazy feats like taking a bullet to the head and getting back up (which is kind of surreal in BR's almost believable world).

Character Profiles


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