The cast
The cast

Background Information

The story takes place in a world very much like our own, around the late 80's. A 16 year old boy named Yakumo Fuji lives alone, with his mother dead and father away on a journey for four years looking for a legendary race of beings in Tibet. By chance encounter, he runs into a young girl named Pai, who, unbeknownst to Yakumo, is looking for him to give a letter concerning his father. The letter reads that Yakumo's father has died, and entrusts his son to helping Pai, a supposed last remaining member of a race of legendary 3 eyed being called Sanjiyan Unkara, to make her human. After an encounter with Pai's staff's demon beast and dying by its talons, Yakumo is saved by Pai's mystical powers, making him a "Wu", an immortal zombie. After these incredible events take place, Yakumo vows to make Pai human.

A collective group of demons prepare to bring back a powerful being known as Kaiyanwang, to life and what starts off as a simple quest to make Pai human unfolds into an unbelievable journey of Pai and Yakumo, as they encounter and battle demons, evil spirits, and their own personal feelings for each other.

Standing in the Battledome

This series is more down to Earth, with demons as weak as humans to demons capable of destroying city blocks.

The series mostly around small building level and above for the more prominent characters and lower for most other demons and supernatural entities.

The strongest characters, Benares (who was overflowing over a dozen craters on the moon with his demonic power) and Yakumo (who by near the end of the series, was the collective sum of 5 billion+ human consciousness), show incredibly high power, even to the extent of their Masters relying on them for most of the fighting later in the series.

These two are far and away above the rest of the series as shown later in the series. Hax, such as dimensional portals, petrification, illusions, mind and soul manipulation, and transmutation are also shown throughout the series.

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