Vegeta OBD
The Badass Prince


Name: Vegeta, Prince of Saiya-jins (or Saiyans)
Origin: Dragon Ball
Gender: Male
Classification: Alien/Saiya-jin (Saiyan in the English Adaptations)
Age: Around 60 by the end of the series
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, flight, skilled in martial arts, afterimage creation, incredible willpower (was able to resist being turned into a Majin by Babidi), the ability to move in gravity hundreds of times greater than the Earth’s, the ability to manipulate and use ki both defensively, and offensively, energy sensing, can transform to increase his power even further (either to an Oozaru for increased hearing and a smaller boost in strength and speed or can use his Super Saiya-jin transformations up to 2 for a boost in all of his stats), power that increases substantially after recovering from near fatal injuries, the ability to self-destruct | Cannot be sensed by beings lesser than a "God", regeneration (mid - low), capable of destroying space-time, resistance to soul destruction
Weaknesses: Can’t survive in the vacuum of space, dangerous overconfidence, prone to letting his pride override his common sense. 
Destructive Capacity: Planet level (superior to Piccolo, who blew up the moon with energy nearing planet level) | Small star level+ (on par with Second and Third form Freeza, also threatened to blow up Namek) | At least small star level+ | At least small star level+, likely higher | Possibly at least star level+, likely higher (became much stronger than Buu Saga Goku and Ultimate Gohan and possibly as strong as Vegito, as he managed to make Beerus use his 10% of his power, something that neither SSJ3 Goku, Ultimate Gohan, nor Gotenks were able to do) | Universe level+ (on par with Goku, he can also destroy space-time as seen when he destroyed the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from within, he becomes much stronger as SSJ Blue; managed to neutralize Jiren's ki blast; landed several strong blows on Jiren) | Universe level+ (much stronger than he was as a Super Saiya-jin Blue; Jiren noted that his blows are shaper compared to before; defeated God of Destruction Toppo in Episode 126; destroyed God of Destruction Toppo's Hakai with a punch; overpowered God of Destruction Toppo's full-powered Hakai with his Final Explosion)
Range: Millions of kilometers Millions of kilometers | Millions of kilometers | Millions of kilometers | Millions of kilometers | Universal
Speed: At least relativistic+, likely higher (much more powerful than pre-training Piccolo and is able to keep up with a Kaioken Goku), much higher projectile/reaction speed (Piccolo's blast reached the moon in a matter of seconds, and Gohan was capable of dodging his own ki blasts) | At least relativistic+, likely much higher (far faster than Saiyan Saga Piccolo; could keep up with Freeza while he was in a more powerful form when Piccolo post-Nail fusion could not) | At least relativistic+, likely much higher | At least relativistic+, likely much higher | At least relativistic+, likely much higher (became superior to Gotenks) | Massively FTL+ | Massively FTL+
Durability: Planet level (survived Goku's Kaioken 4x empowered Kamehameha, which overpowered his Gyarikku Ho) | Small star level+ | At least small star level+ | At least small star level+, likely higher | Possibly at least star level+, likely higher | Universe level+ (he becomes more durable as SSJ Blue; survived several strong attacks from Jiren) | Universe level+ (much more durable compared to when he was a Super Saiya-jin Blue; survived several strong attacks from a powered-up Jiren and God of Destruction Toppo)
Lifting Strength: At least Class M+
Striking Strength: Class NJ+ (the single strongest character during the Saiyan Saga) | At least Class NJ+, likely Class XJ+ | At least Class XJ+ (comparable to Trunks) | At least Class XKJ+, likely higher | Possibly Class XMJ | Universe Class (the far weaker SSJ God Goku can endanger the entire universe just through the clashes of his blows alone) | Universe Class
Stamina: Inhuman levels in both his base and Super Saiya-jin forms (can train for days with minimal rest and have long drawn out fights), significantly decreases upon reaching Super Saiya-jin 2
Standard Equipment: Previously had an object called a scouter that read the Battle-Power of opponents. This became obsolete when he learned to sense ki. Saiya-jin armor (an incredible flexible armor that can withstand large amounts of stress)
Intelligence: Years of experience fighting powerful and diverse enemies, master of combat tactics and a sneaky fighter.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Super Saiya-jin (Saiyan) Forms: An advanced transformation assumed by extraordinarily powerful members of the Saiya-jin race which increases his Base Battle-Power by 50 times, and this is proportioned to his physical attributes giving him a great and even increase in strength, ki power, speed, stamina and durability. However, without mastery of this form, much of this energy is wasted transforming and maintaining the transformation. The Super Saiya-jin form also has three additional branch states (which sacrifice speed for raw power) and is succeeded by two further transformations, Super Saiya-jin 2 (twice as strong as a regular Super Saiya-jin) and 3 (four times as strong as a Super Saiya-jin 2). There are also two god transformations. Participating in the Super Saiya-jin God Ritual will allow one to achieve the Super Saiya-jin God Form, which is temporary. With special training one can achieve a permanent god form called Super Saiya-jin Blue which uses god ki. Vegeta can use all of these transformations up to Super Saiya-jin 2 and also Super Saiya-jin Blue.

- Oozaru: A transformation into a giant ape that takes place under a full moon increases his speed, strength and hearing.

- Big Bang Attack: A concentrated sphere of ki shot from the palm of the hand that causes massive damage upon impact.

- Final Flash: The strongest offensive ki technique that Vegeta developed; it similar in use to Goku's Kamehameha or his surpassed technique, Galick Gun. The attack sends out a concentrated beam of ki, capable of destroying planets and exploding on impact with its target.

- Gyarikku Ho (Galick Gun): An attack with a charge time which allows Vegeta to focus his ki into his hands and generate to its highest peak, then is unleashed as a blast.

- Super Energy Wave Volley: Vegeta releases a rapid barrage of energy blasts at his opponents, causing a massive accumulation of damage.

- Final Explosion: A suicide attack used by Majin Vegeta where he expels all energy from his body in an omnidirectional country-scale AoE blast. It left thunderstorms in its aftermath and turned Vegeta into stone.

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Other: Not to be confused with his father

As Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Vegeta gains and controls the power of a Super Saiyan God and he evolves into the next level, after his training with Whis. His hair becomes blue and his hairstyle resembles of Super Saiyan 1 and Super Saiyan 2 with a blue flame like aura also surrounding him.


Super Saiya-jin Vegeta


Super Saiya-jin Grade 2 Vegeta


Super Saiya-jin 2 Vegeta/Majin Vegeta


Super Saiya-jin Blue Vegeta


Super Saiya-jin Blue Evolution Vegeta


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Vegeta is a former OBD Champion and Royal Rumble winner.