The Netherworld sure got crowded over the years.
The Netherworld sure got crowded over the years.

Background Information

Nipponverse refers to the multiverse in which the games Rhapsody, Phantom Brave, La Pucelle Tactics, Makai Kingdom, GrimGrimoire, Soul Nomad, Zettai Hero Project, and the Disgaea series take place.

The verse is named as such because it is created by Nippon-Ichi Software.

Standing in the Battledome

It is currently one of the strongest Gameverses.

It is however unable to stand up to the Triumvirate of Gaming which is Demonbane, Shin Megami Tensei and Xenogears.

Known for having multiple planet/star busters, even a galaxy level upper low tier (thanks to D2) and they are nothing compared to the well known characters of the series, a couple of universals, a pseudo omnipotent, soul manipulation, time manipulation and various other broken abilities.

This verse can shit on most game verses and at least 75% of the other verses.

Respect thread

Supporters of the Series

  • Ax_
  • Basch71
  • Blind Itachi
  • ChamCham Trigger
  • CrazyMoronX
  • Dark Evangel
  • DestinyDestroyer
  • Enclave
  • Gig
  • GiveRobertNoDollars
  • God Movement
  • Mystictrunks
  • Overlord-Murasama
  • Qinglong
  • Random Nobody
  • Ryoma Nagare
  • Senior Partner
  • Tuxx
  • Weather
  • Zaru
  • Zetta

Character Profiles

Disgaea Series

- Demon Hunter Adell

- Demon Xenolith
- Fallen Angel Flonne
- Killia
- Overlord Laharl
- Overlord Prier
- Overlord Mao
- Overlord's Vassal Etna
- True Overlord Zenon

Guided Fate Paradox

- Renya Kagurazaka
- Satanael Kyogoku

Makai Kingdom

- Alexander
- Overlord Zetta
- Pram
- Salome
- Valvoga

Soul Nomad & The World Eaters

- Devourlord Revya
- Gig
- World Eater Feinne

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