''RULES OF NATURE'' always win
Name: Raiden (codename), his real name is Jack (also nicknamed "Jack the Ripper" and "White Devil" on various occasions)
Origin: Metal Gear
Classification: Human Cyborg, Rehabilitated Family Man, Freelancing Agent (previously worked for many different organizations), Secretly a Ninja
Age: In his 30s
Powers and Abilities: Skilled spec ops agent and expert swordsman, injected with nanomachines with various featuresinvisibility via stealth camo | Super strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability, his cyborg body allows him to take more damage than what a human can bear, expert swordsman and martial artist (he can even use the sword with his mouth and toes), limited lightning manipulation | Same but is a bit stronger, has an IR detector and soliton radar connected to a HMD which constantly fuels him with data and news about the battlefield and his mission | Considerably more advanced and powerful cyborg body, enhanced view mode connected to his sensors, can absorb the electrolytes of other cyborgs to replenish his energy, can enhance his attacks with electricity, can interact with machines, has "Blade Mode" to cut with even more precision, his "Jack the Ripper" mode increase his power and speed considerably at the expense of consuming more energy
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: Mullti city block level (he defeated Solidus), potentially multi city block level+ w/ the heaviest weapons | Multi city block level+ (required 3-4 Gekkos to temporarily restrain him, while he was very damaged and had one arm, he managed to stop Outer Heaven for a while, when a vessel of the same class previously did this) | At least multi block level+ | Small town level+ (twice of that = small city level, when using his synchro "Jack the Ripper" mode)
Range: Extended human melee range
Speed: Superhuman, massively hypersonic+ reactions (beat Solidus) | Massively hypersonic+ | Massively hypersonic+Massively hypersonic+ (Mach 2000+)
Durability: Multi city block level | Multi city block level+ | At least multi city block level+ | Small town level+ (survived many strong attacks from Armstrong)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Class M+ via powerscaling, Class G temporally (stopped Outer Haven which weighs about a million tons or two) | Class M (threw a Desperado-modified Metal Gear RAY into the air) | Class G+ (threw the Metal Gear EXCELSUS which should weigh over a million tons)
Striking Strength: Possibly Class MJ+ | Class TJ | Class TJ | Class TJ+ (can match blows with Jetstream Sam and Senator Armstrong, also stalemated and overpowered the Metal Gear EXCELSUS)
Stamina: Large | Very Large (can fight for multiple bouts in succession with the longest battle lasting for about 30 minutes straight, can stay up for days without any food)
Standard Equipment: See here | HF Blade, knives | HF Blade, Solid Eye based AR visor | HF Blade, Stinger and RPG missiles, various grenades
Intelligence: Expert combatant, trained how to kill people since childhood, taught by Solidus Snake how to fight, has his own self-taught style which mixes break dance, Capoeira and other arts with his sword skills to form a unique way to fight
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

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Other: Not to be confused with the character of the same name from Mortal Kombat. When Raiden fought Monsoon and activated his ''Ripper Mode'' against him, Raiden was in a true berserk mode, later it seems he found a way to synchronize and ''tame'' his berserk nature in order to fight better and use the Ripper's potential effectively against his opponents.
The ''hated'' version of Raiden yet he beats Solidus like a boss
MGS4 Raiden showing how badass he can be
MGRR Standard Raiden being more cyborg badass
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