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Name: Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell, Yukihime
Origin: Negima/UQ Holder
Gender: Female
Classification: Witch/Vampire (shinso/true ancestor/high daylight walker)/Martial Artist/Former Teacher
Age: 700+ years
Powers and Abilities: Vampirism (Shinso), super strength, speed, durability, agility, stamina, flight, hypnosis, can cast and see through illusions, teleportation and hiding through shadows, shapeshifting via changing her age, can turn into mist or a swarm of bats, can create pocket dimensions (her resort and several others), ice breath, various magic attacks and powers where she is specialized in ice and dark magic but can also use high-level lightning spells (includes absolute zero, phase transition, lightning ice vines and more), skilled martial artist (Aikijujutsu, Wrestling, and Iron Fan), immortality (mix of types 1, 3, and 7), regeneration (high-mid), can use invisible strings to control, bind, and slice her enemies, can control up to 300 dolls/puppets within a 3km radius, telekinesis, telepathy and mind reading (can work over very long distances), automatic magical barrier, clairvoyance using her crystal ball, can see ghosts, can detect the presence of others, can transform people into vampires by biting them and make them her servants (the physical stats of the victim are also increased), can absorb her spells to make herself more powerful via Magia Erebea, has a powerful clone of herself inside her scroll (her clone can fight evenly with lightning/demon Negi despite being several times weaker than her true self), mind manipulation, soul manipulation
Weaknesses: Various herbs such as leeks, onions, and garlic. Apparently she also cannot swim. Stated to have become unquantifiably weaker in UQ Holder, although is still powerful enough to match Fate Averruncus
Destructive Capacity: City level+ | Island level+ via powerscaling (she is still one of the high tiers of the verse)
Range: Several kilometers
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (likely quadruple digits, can dominate RT2 Negi with a weaker clone of herself)
Durability: City level+ (barriers, regeneration, and transformation into mist and swarm of bats make her very hard to kill) | Island level+ via powerscaling
Lifting Strength: At least Class K+
Striking Strength: Class PJ+ (physically overpowered a berserk lightning/demon mode Negi with a several times weaker copy of her)
Stamina: Unknown for her true body but the dreamworld version of her doesn't seem to get tired
Standard Equipment: She uses Chachazero as her puppet (no longer as of UQ Holder) Sometimes she uses a fan and invisible strings for melee combat
Intelligence: Over 700 years of combat experience, vast knowledge of magic (sorcery and witchcraft), expert in many board games especially in Go, and acts as the Honorary Adviser of the Ala Alba
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Reflexio (Ice Shield): A magic shield that is conjured to repel the attacking magic from an enemy. Evangeline is skilled at ice magic so she conjured an "ice shield". Reflexio corresponds to the English reflection.

- Frigerans Exarmatio (Freezing Disarmament): Magic that, without causing any frostbite injury to the opponent, freezes the things attached to the body and shatters them, disarming the enemy. Control over complicated magic power is necessary to wield this spell. However, metal and other types of hard materials cannot be shattered, so the most you can do is buy some time against these types of items.

- Sagitta Magica (Magic Archer): Fires a number of elemental arrows at a target, Eva has shown the ability to use ice and darkness element, she also called Negi's 199 arrows pathetic so its safe to assume that she can do more possibly up to 1001.

- Nivis Casus (Avalanche, Ice Blast): A highly lethal attack spell which instantaneously creates and launches a large-volume sphere of ice at the target, bursting on contact and causing blunt trauma, frostbite, and at close range, hypothermia assuming you’re not frozen outright.

- Iaculatio Grandinis (Hail of Spears): An attack spell which summons and shoots down dense packs of ice spears. Individually, each warhead is more powerful than regular ice projectiles; however, because it takes the physical form of spears, the practical applications of this spell are limited by ballistics.

- Crystallizatio Tellustris (Freezing Earth): This spell causes all moisture near the earth's surface to instantly freeze, causing jagged pillars of ice to jut up from the ground. If not dodged effectively, the opponent's feet will likewise be frozen to the spot, immobilizing them. Evangeline used this spell against Negi to knock him out of the air during their fight, the ice pillars being a navigation hazard to low-flying objects.

- Malleus Aquilonis (War-Hammer of the Ice God): Spell that creates a large mass of ice and crashes it down upon its intended target. When the ice melts and not dry ice, but ice made with regular water it absorbs 79.65 cal/g of heat energy so, if a large mass of ice were to be created, it would decrease the ambient temperature of the surrounding area significantly. Formed as they are by molecular bonds weaker than those of crystals of oxidized silicone, ice crystals lose much of their kinetic energy when broken apart after colliding with their target. In that sense, unless a ball of ice with a great deal of mass is created, one cannot expect the damage to be very high. As for why the spell appears so extravagant, that is because of its need for a sufficiently large mass of ice to be formed.

- Nivis Tempestas Obscurans (Snowstorm of Darkness): Magic that conjures a strong blizzard and darkness that attacks the enemy. As you might have noticed, there are several similar points to the spell Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens. It seems that Evangeline chose the same type of spell in order to fight Negi. Nivis Tempestas Obscurans means "Snowstorm That Brings Darkness". She can summon 16 of these spells at once and combine it into a single attack making it more powerful than the spell Thousand Thunderbolts which only has an equivalent power of 10 Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens.

- Gelidus Capulus (Freezing Ice Coffin): It seems to be a similar spell to Crystallizatio Tellustris, creating a giant icicle from a bounded field placed on the ground. The pillar then completely encases and traps the target, similar to the effect of Kosmike Krustallopegia. This spell requires no incantation. The freezing effect of this spell can last up to 10 years.

- Ensis Exsequens (Sword of the Executioner): A spell which instantly converts matter from a solid or liquid into a gas which then is conveyed via a violent phase transition to attack an opponent. On some matter, the spell has no effect, but an object or individual thusly phase-shifted instantly into a gas would be just as instantly vaporized. Depending upon the spell's area of effect, then, the outcome might be very destructive, indeed, with anything in its effective range essentially vaporized and killed. Although it may be normal upon hearing the term "vaporized" for one to expect a sudden increase in temperature, matter that is transported via phase transition actually absorbs an incredible amount of heat energy, so much so that surrounding temperatures suddenly drop. (At 1AT, a steamlike vapor with a temperature of -25°C develops). This powerful spell has an additional effect―even if the brunt of the spell is avoided, the target still has the extremely low temperature left in its wake to deal with. Most magic that utilizes cold does so by lowering the temperature of an object, this creates a corresponding condensation effect. Ensis Exsequens, on the other hand, causes extreme cold by initiating phase transition by means of the sudden transformation of solids into gases. For spells as high level as this, only mages of Evangeline's ability or above would be able to master it.

- Phantasmagoria: An illusionary dream world where time moves many times faster than in the real world. Unlike many other illusions the body of the real person as well as their mind and soul can be affected and damaged in the real world. Usually a person who cannot solve the secret behind the use of dark magic will be lost there forever. Evangeline can cast this illusion through eye contact or simply by touching her opponent. What is needed then is a "confrontation with one's shadow", or "an encounter with one's anima". The battle Negi fights in Phantasmagoria is none other than a "confrontation with his shadow", or "an encounter with his anima". In Ancient Greek, Φανασμα means "illusion", while -αγορια means "movement". In modern terms, perhaps the idea would be that of a magical-illusion projector. Φανασμα or "phantasma" itself comes from the Greek word Φαινειν, meaning "to shed light". In this case, however, it is more an illusion which one experiences fully, rather than one only seen.

- Dios Tukos (Διος Τυκος): As stated by early Greek philosopher Hesiod, "And again, she bare the Cyclopes, overbearing in spirit, Brontes, and Steropes and stubborn-hearted Arges, who gave Zeus the thunder and made the thunderbolt". Thunder and lightning were the weapons of the Greek god Zeus; etymologically speaking, ΔΙΟΣ ΤΥΚΟΣ may then also be thought to mean "Axe of Zeus". Although the area of effect for this spell is relatively small, its incantation is so short and the formation of electrical discharge so quick, on short to medium-range targets, it is extremely effective.

- Kosmike Katastrophe (Κοσμικη Καταστροφη): Magic spell that creates a 150-square-foot area of absolute zero temperature (-273.15°C). At these extreme temperatures, events which do not normally occur in nature begin to happen, such as breakdowns on the atomic level, and super-conductivity. In that sense, although lowering the temperature may seem a simple enough operation, to bypass the laws of thermodynamics takes a powerful Magi. There is a passage in the spell which references "Haionie Krustalle". At that point, the area of effect is created; not until the final words "End of the World" are uttered is the outcome decided. With the "Kosmike Katastrophe" portion of the spell, the opponent is frozen completely, and shattered. A revision to "Kosmike Krustallopegia", and the target is encased in a virtual pillar of ice. During the days when Evangeline had a bounty on her head, she'd use this spell often. For those bounty hunters who wouldn't think twice about killing a seemingly "little" girl (despite her real, chronological age), she would opt instead for "End of the World". Despite all this, while she is trapped within the confines of Mahora Academy, Evangeline's magic is sealed away, and she has no access to the formerly favorite high-level spells she once invoked in ancient Greek.

- Aperantos Leukos Ouranos (Ατελείωτος λευκός ουρανός): Endless White Nine Heavens. A variation on Kosmike Katastrophe, this attack creates a massive tornado (at least town - level in area) of absolute zero ice that can be targeted at specific enemies, releasing a great number of lightning ice vines that home in on and follow their targets at massively hypersonic/lightning speed (targets only beings with no soul however as AoE of this spell is so large this weakness is almost irrelevant), destroy most forms of magic barriers as if they weren't even there, and completely freeze the targets. The freezing effect is applied continuously, making regeneration worthless. Targets frozen by this spell remain conscious and the effect can last indefinitely until Eva decides to release it. She claims that it could last for eternity if she wants to.

- Magia Erebea: A forbidden technique created by her for over a period of 10 years. The ability to absorb offensive magic/spells designed to harm the enemy into one's own body, to the point where it fuses with their very soul. The technique feeds on the user's body and soul, but in return the user gains power many times that of any ordinary person. Erebea is a reference to Erebus, the offspring of Chaos and the Greco-Roman god of darkness and shadow; in later myths, Erebus became synonymous with Hades, as well as the underworld itself. As such, "Magia Erebea" would roughly translate as "Dark Magic". When the user is able to utilize this technique, as a sign of that ability, a series of flowing tattoo-like designs appear over their arms whenever they channel magical power to them. When the technique itself is active, the user's skin will turn pitch black, and in some cases, their clothing and even their eyes will invert in color. Any special properties of the spell that is absorbed will also transfer to the user.

  • Krustalline Basileia (κρνσταλλινη βασιλεια): Queen of Ice. One of the practical uses of dark magic, it takes the magic power from "Ice Majesty of a Thousand Years" into one's flesh and fuses it with the spirit. In doing so, it gives the caster the ability to freeze everything she touches and controls the area that was frozen with a range of at least 2,127.93 meters in diameter. In addition it creates an ice bounded circle that allows the caster to cast any ice magic below High-Ancient level without incantations, restrictions, and limitations.

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Other: Her activation key is "Lic Lac La Lac Lilac": Lilac thrives where things are difficult to grow, and when brought inside the house, it brings evil with it. In the language of flowers, the incantation refers to "purity" and "first love".


Eva got the Chachamaru treatment on the first chapter of UQ Holder :skully


Key: Negima | UQ Holder