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Background Information

Set in a post-post-apocalyptic (yes that's a thing) world hundreds of years after the collapse of the internet and the global information infrastructure, Biomega follows the story of the synthetic human Zoichi Kanoe and his AI partner Fuyu. Tasked by Toha Heavy Industries to protect and retrieve humans with the ability to resist and transmute the NS5 infection, an out-of-control viral plague that turns humans into "Drones" (mindless, disfigured zombie-like beings), they quickly become embroiled in a larger conflict involving the Public Health Service and the Data Recovery Foundation, who wish to use the NS5 virus to usher humanity into a new stage of artificial evolution. Their target is a girl named Eon Green, an immortal protected by the walking, talking, gun-toting bear named Kozlov, and also one of the last uninfected humans on the planet. With the help of Zoichi and his sister-unit Nishu Mizunoe, they start their quest to get Eon Green into space before Nyaldee, the sinister psychic overlord of the DRF, can finish enacting her plan to polymerize the entire Earth into a giant space habitat ruled by her and inhabited by Drones.

Is any of this making sense yet? No? Well, it's probably not going to until you read it a second time. Sorry, that's just how it is.

A spiritual successor to Nihei's previous cult-hit manga Blame!, the art in Biomega is similar to Blame!, with its complicated concrete sprawl and extremely vast, empty spaces. In this manga, there is an emphasis on the swiftness of the attacks made by Zoichi, such as the gun being holstered just before the enemies fall to the ground. Speed is crucial in this manga, unlike in Blame!, and the plot develops quickly, which can often leave many readers confused (more so than the average Tsutomu Nihei manga, anyway).

Standing in the Battledome

Biomega is a very strong verse, possessing numerous massively hypersonic+ small planet busters and two relativistic to FTL large planetbusters who are omniscient and omnipresent within a limited space (if you count 4.8 billion kilometers as "limited"). Even fodder can be multi-block to town level with hypersonic+ speed. Notable hax includes artificial intelligence with advanced hacking, telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, and viral hax in the form of the NS5 virus, a highly infectious zombie plague that mutates its victims into mindless drones to be controlled by the Recreator.

As a whole, they are above 666 SatanHoushin EngiOnePunch-Man, and Trigun.


Character Profiles

Toha Heavy Industries

Zoichi Kanoe

Nishu Mizunoe


- Kardal Spindel






Kozlov Leifnovich Grebnev


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