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Name: Gem Warship
Origin: Steven Universe
Type: Battle spaceship
In use by: The Homeworld
Powered by: The universe's mass-energy
Destructive Capacity: At least country level (far superior to the Laser Light Cannon)
Durability: At least country level (easily tanked a blast from the Quartizine Trio and Opal)
Material: Unknown
Performance: Massively FTL (reached another galaxy in a matter of days)
Weaknesses: None notable
Terrain: Space, air
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Being able to use special gem interface
Operational Timeframe: Thousands of years
Weaponry: Laser beams
Weapons Range: At least a few hundred meters
Notable features: It contains a variety of escape pods and cells desgined to trap gems
Notable Attacks/Techniques: Laser beam finger


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Other: Sheet model


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