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Name: Negi Springfield
Origin: Negima
Gender: Male
Classification: Non-Human (possibly Vampire)/Mage/Teacher
Age: 10 | Much older (became immortal)
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength, durability, agility, expert sheep shagger, can create and strengthen magic barriers and fire various magic attacks, mostly wind and lightning based, his body has some magic resistance, has various versatile magic spells (such as disarming, sleeping, basic healing of wounds, stamina-recovering, manipulation of objects, anti-hypnosis, illusions, memory sharing/erasing, deflecting, love spells, binding fields, magic dispelling, sealing bottle), telepathy, flight, can sense and track ki, can make thousands of lightning speed clones, can summon elemental spirits to fight for him, has a magical light element sword, logia intangibility, can form Pactios with people and loan them some of his power, also communicate with them telepathically from long distances and summon them, expert martial artist, has a Pactio artifact which allows him to use the artifacts of his partners (magic canceling sword, mind reading book, 16 splitting daggers, healing and curing fans, magical encyclopedia, flying spy camera, legendary staff, dimensional cloak, summoning sketchpad, hacking wand, extending ribbon, magical guns, satellite laser canon, meeting anyone, and leeks that can control a person), can sense and see ghosts when exorcists and shamans couldn't, time travel and pseudo time stop with the Cassiopeia device, resistant to transmutation, immortality (types 1 and 3), regeneration
Weaknesses: Magia Erebea feeds from the user's body and soul, overuse has shown to put him in a coma-like state although this is no longer applicable as Negi has overcome this weakness
Destructive Capacity: City level+ | At least island level+ (should be equal to his Titan Slayer VII, considering his magic is island level+, continent level when working in conjunction with Asuna)
Range: Several kilometers
Speed: Massively hypersonic+, as fast as the stepping leader during a lightning strike (ranging from 150 km/s = Mach 440+ to up even 2260 km/s = Mach 6600+) in Raiten Taisou modes
Durability: City level+ (magical barriers can add even more defense, lightning intangibility and regeneration makes him very hard to kill) | At least island level+
Lifting Strength: Class K+, likely higher
Striking Strength: Class PJ+ | Class EJ+ (traded many strong attacks against his father, for at least 5 hours)
Stamina: Extremely high, fought dreamworld Eva for 10 days in the Phantasmagoria realm, but is equivalent to 2 days in the real world, died 70 times in that realm and was still able to keep fighting over and over again. Able to keep up Magica Erebia for extended battles and pull out number of high level spells one after another.
Standard Equipment: Magic ring (to channel spells), Pactio Cards (can summon them at will), his magic staff (spell focus and can be used like a broom to assist flight)
Intelligence: Became a middle school teacher at 9 years old, learned Ku Fei's Chinese Kung Fu in 3 hours when it normally takes people at least 3 months, capable of mastering many techniques and magic abilities much faster than normal and creating his own high powered magical techniques, and he also figured out how to use Chao's Cassiopeia device when Chao (who is a super genius and the most intelligent student in Mahora) needed a high-tech battle-suit to control it and took her 2 years to master it, fair leadership skill
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Offensive Spells

- Sagitta Magica: Fires a number of elemental arrows at a target (Negi has shown the ability to use up to 1001 at once, and the elements he has shown to use are light, wind, lightning, and darkness). They home in on the target, and can also bind or paralyze the target based on their element. In addition, they can be combined into one attack, or used for melee attacks.

- Evocatio Valcyriarum, Contubernalia Gladiaria: "I summon the Wind spirit!! Sword-wielding brothers in arms!!" The word valkyria has been Latinized, but corresponds to the old Nordic valkyrie, referring here to a "person who chooses immortality". In short, what Negi is summoning is an immortal god. Odin's handmaidens, who appear in Wagner's opera, are popular valkyries, but throughout this work, the term is used as a neuter noun and not a proper entity. "Age capiant" is a form of address that means, "please capture".

- Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens: "Come wind, thunder spirits. Blow violently with thunder, Storm of the South Seas". Magic that conjures a strong whirlwind and lightning that attacks the enemy. Jovis is another name for the king of Roman gods, Jupiter, who is thought to use lightning as a weapon. In short, Jovis tempestas means "Jupiter's storm that unleashes lightning". Negi recently learned to use it in direct combat as he can attack his opponent at point blank range without any incantation required. It has enough power to easily pierce a giant robot and cut it in half.

- Flans Saltatio Pulverea: Windflower, Boisterous Dancing Dust. First used by Negi to put out the fire spell cast by Chigusa Amagasaki when she kidnapped Konoka Konoe for the first time during the Kyoto Trip Arc.

- Fulguratio Albicans: A powerful blast of electricity from the caster's palm. It is very powerful against living targets, but not as effective against inanimate objects. While it is shown to be weak against non-living objects, Yue Ayase manages to break a dragon's horn with it and renders the dragon unconscious. It is implied that if a living creature is near the spell's target, the creature is also affected.

- Jaculatio Fulgoris: Throwing Thunder. A spell that attacks by releasing electrically charged magical javelins. Because the missiles released are javelins and not arrows, each of them is stronger than a magic arrow made of lightning, and has greater physical destructive power. However, because they mimic the shape of a javelin, they are easier to dodge than the direct lightning attack "White Lightning" Fulguratio Albicans.

- Jaculatio Vorticis Tempestatis, Titano-ktonon II: Windstorm Spiral Spear. A variation of Negi’s original Titano-ktonon spell, merging Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens with Jaculatio Fulgoris. Appears to be a huge drill-like spear when thrown in the enemy it creates a powerful lightning vortex upon explosion.

- Incendium Gehennae: Hellfire of Purgatory. In reference to Gehinom, the understanding of "Hell" in the Vulgate New Testament. Negi used this for Magia Erebea and the effect allows him to absorb the magic power of his opponent and with some increase in physical strength and durability. The effect of the actual spell is a large fire blast.

- Ensis Exsequens: "Sword of the Executioner". Meaning "Executioner's Sword" in Latin, the Ensis Exsequens spell is one which instantly converts matter from a solid or liquid into a gas which then is conveyed via a violent phase transition to attack an opponent. On some matter, the spell has no effect, but an object or individual thusly phase-shifted instantly into a gas would be just as instantly vaporized. Depending upon the spell's area of effect, then, the outcome might be very destructive, indeed, with anything in its effective range essentially vaporized and killed. Although it may be normal upon hearing the term "vaporized" for one to expect a sudden increase in temperature, matter that is transported via phase transition actually absorbs an incredible amount of heat energy, so much so that surrounding temperatures suddenly drop. (At 1AT, a steamlike vapor with a temperature of -25°C develops). This powerful spell has an additional effect―even if the brunt of the spell is avoided, the target still has the extremely low temperature left in its wake to deal with. Most magic that utilizes cold does so by lowering the temperature of an object, this creates a corresponding condensation effect. Ensis Exsequens, on the other hand, causes extreme cold by initiating phase transition by means of the sudden transformation of solids into gases. For spells as high level as this, only mages of Evangeline's ability or above would be able to master it.

- Halebarda Fulgoris: Magic Staff Lightning Halberd. The spell used by Negi to turn his staff into a Lightning Form halberd. Negi casually teared through 2000 demons like paper using this spell.

- Dios Tukos (Διος Τυκος): As stated by early Greek philosopher Hesiod, "And again, she bare the Cyclopes, overbearing in spirit, Brontes, and Steropes and stubborn-hearted Arges, who gave Zeus the thunder and made the thunderbolt". Thunder and lightning were the weapons of the Greek god Zeus; etymologically speaking, ΔΙΟΣ ΤΥΚΟΣ may then also be thought to mean "Axe of Zeus". Although the area of effect for this spell is relatively small, its incantation is so short and the formation of electrical discharge so quick, on short to medium-range targets, it is extremely effective.

- Khilipl Astraphe(Κιλιπλ Αστραπη): Thousand Thunderbolts. High ancient anti-army directed wide-range annihilation spell that covers the target area with lightning. It is 10 times more powerful than Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens, capable of melting several meters of rock, and has a area of effect of several hundred meters. This attack broke through a 1,411.76m tall barrier that not even Rakan's hypersonic halberd could break. While this spell also has a long incantation Negi has been shown to able to cast it in a extremely short amount of time.

- Dios Logche 'Titano-ktonon' (Διος Λογχη 'Τιτανο-κτονον'): Spear of the Lightning God, 'Titan Slayer'. An original spell created by Negi, achieved via Magia Erebea (spell delay); by merging Khilipl Astrape into 'Jaculatio Fulgoris’ spear form, it concentrates Khilipl Astrape’s intense destructive power into a focused “spike”.

- Magic Fist (魔法拳 MAHŌKEN): The personal fighting style of Negi Springfield combining Western magic and Eastern martial arts, firing spells off his fists in melee combat.

  • Ōka Hōken ([最大]桜華崩拳, lit. "[Maximum] Crushing Fist of Majestic Cherry Blossoms"): Negi gothers light magic arrows in his fist and punches his enemy.


  • Raika Hōken (雷華崩拳, lit. "Crushing Fist of Majestic Lightning"): Negi gothers lighting magic arrows in his fist and punches his enemy.


  • Ōkasōshō, Taikō Chōgyosei (桜華槍衝、太公釣魚勢, roughly "Piercing Lance of Cherry Blossom Majesty, Archduke Angler Dominator") While using his stuff as a spear Negi gothers wind magic arrows on it and attacks his enemy.


  • Byakuraishō (白雷掌, lit. "White Lightning Palm"): While holding on to his opponent Negi releases a point blank Fulguratio Albicans spell.


  • Fūka Hōken (風華崩拳, lit. "Crushing Fist of Majestic Winds"): Negi gothers wing magic arrows in his fist and punches his enemy


  • Gokuen Hozan Takutenshō (獄炎崩山托天掌, lit. "Hellfire Mountain-Crushing, Heaven-Bearing Palm"): In his Sim Fabricantus Ab Incendio form Negi performs a up close palm thrust while simultaneously channeling black fire in his hand.


Defensive Spells

- Flans Paries Venti Vertentis: Windflower Whirlwind, Barrier of Wind. Creates a tornado lasting several minutes. Those in the eye will be protected from outside elements by the intense air currents.

- Flans Paries Aerialis: "Wind Flower! Wall of Wind!" It's common for wizards to protect themselves from physical harm by surrounding the area around themselves with a magic barrier. In the First Period, Negi also did this when he made the blackboard eraser that was going to fall on his head float in the air. However, it is necessary for Negi to recite the spell over again in order to disperse it and not surround himself with the barrier in everyday life. It is strong enough to stop a 10 ton truck running at full speed.

- Limes Aeriales: Boundary Field of Wind. A magical barrier that uses air currents to deflect attacks using air as a medium (fire, wind, gas, pressure, sound). A basic magic that will not hold up against solid bodies with larger volumes and potential energy.

Misc. Spells

- Cantus Bellax: Song of Battle. High-level magic used in preparation of melee combat, creating a strong anti-physical shield around the body, increasing muscular strength and flexibility, speed, and endurance. Grants high physical capabilities by strengthening the physical body to protect it from damaging itself from overexertion. Note that this is a very common technique in the Negimaverse and almost every mage who engages in physical combat knows this spell.

- Refectio: After studying non-stop for 3 days and escaping from Library Island, Negi's students were too tired and drowsy to focus. By using a flower as a catalyst, Negi casts a spell which refreshes their minds and made them more alert. This allows them to concentrate on the 2nd year final exams and win first place.

- Flans Exarmatio: One of the most used spells in Negima, Exarmatio is a spell designed to disarm enemies of their equipment. The effect of disarming also depends on the type of element used on the spell. The spell differs depending on the element. Negi uses the wind based version and can disarm the opponent by blowing away their weapons and their clothes.

- Lagena Signatoria: Spell that combines the use of a magical item to seal away and/or render powerless an opponent with spiritual or magical powers of an extremely high or puissant nature. In that a being with truly developed spiritual powers can continue to exist even after its corporeal form (caro) is destroyed the Ryômen Sukuna no Kami, for example, had its body shattered by extreme cold, and yet still needed to be sealed away (see 53rd Period for details) the "Lagena Signatoria", while not ideal for all situations, may, for some opponents, be the only truly effective counter.

- Barrier-Crushing Palm Prototype #5: A technique he apparently developed himself, by putting his hand into physical contact with a magical barrier he can shatter it, even one as powerful and complex as Dynamis' mandala - type barrier.

- Nebula Hypnotica: Mist of Sleep. Creates a fog that on contact renders the target unconscious.

- Nympha somni, regina Mab, portam aperiens ad se me alliciat : Magic that lets you see into sleeping people's dreams. Mab is the name of a queen who appears in a Celtic myth. She is thought of as a fairy who controls dreams.

- Mnemosyne, Ad Se Nos Allicat: The spell that allows the target to experience or share the memories of the caster. Mnemosyne is the personification of memory and its goddess; she is also the mother of the Nine Muses (cf. Hesiod's Theogony, II. 51-54, 194-197). Normally it would be impossible even for the caster to re-experience the actual visual and auditory stimuli of the past; such moments are of the present (praesentia) and, once they have passed into the past, may no longer be accessed. As Aristotle once said, "Without the existence of the soul, time cannot exist".

- Magia Erebea: A forbidden technique created by Eva for over a period of 10 years. The ability to absorb offensive magic/spells designed to harm the enemy into one's own body, to the point where it fuses with their very soul. The technique feeds on the user's body and soul, but in return the user gains power many times that of any ordinary person. Erebea is a reference to Erebus, the offspring of Chaos and the Greco-Roman god of darkness and shadow; in later myths, Erebus became synonymous with Hades, as well as the underworld itself. As such, "Magia Erebea" would roughly translate as "Dark Magic". When the user is able to utilize this technique, as a sign of that ability, a series of flowing tattoo-like designs appear over their arms whenever they channel magical power to them. When the technique itself is active, the user's skin will turn pitch black, and in some cases, their clothing and even their eyes will invert in color. Any special properties of the spell that is absorbed will also transfer to the user.

  • Actus Noctis Erebae: Form of the Dark Night. A way of practicing dark magic. In Latin, it means "gesture of dark night". The translation of "gesture" into "form" refers to the series of actions in which those gestures come together.


  • Dextra Emittam: Right Arm Release. "Dextra" in Latin ablative meaning "right hand". An "ablative" indicates a place or a method. "Emittam" is in the first-person-singular-present-active subjunctive mood, Therefore, this phrase means "may I release from my right hand". This spell is indicated in order to release delayed magic and the like from right hand. In the 219th period. Negi incants the spell to release the magic loaded into his hand though his use of dark magic.


  • Sinistra Emittam: Left Arm Release. "Sinistra" is a Latin ablative meaning "left hand". An "ablative" indicates a place or a method. "Emittam" is in the first-person-singular-present-active subjunctive mood, Therefore, this phrase means "may I release from my left hand". This spell is indicated in order to release delayed magic and the like from left hand.


  • Supplementum: Load. A spell that uses dark magic to take magical power into oneself and fuse it with the spirit.


  • Circuli Absorptionis Ex Tempore: A magic ritual used to absorb mana. As the drawn circle is connected to Negi physically and spiritually, the absorbed mana or ki can directly used for Magia Erebea.


  • Sinus Magnus: The Great Sheath. The vagina is the path by which life arisen in the womb is taken into the world. Thus, ancient tombs around the world, such as the Kikkoubaka of Japan or the Dolmen of Ireland, were designed to resemble the womb and birth canal of the female body. This stems from the belief that with death comes the return to the origin of life, ending one refrain and beginning the next. Taking in the phenomenon before your eyes like embracing death itself and being born anew; this procession of death and rebirth is the secret behind Magia Erebea. The ultimate purpose of “dark magic” – not taking in chi or mana, shots or spells, but the enemy’s own power, making it your own.


  • Sim Fabricantus Ab Incendio: Hell's Refining Fire. One of the practical uses of dark magic, it takes the magic power from "Flames of Hell" (Incendium Gehennae) into one's flesh and fuses it with the spirit, In doing so, the caster's flesh gains powerful hardness and resistance to heat, and is imbued with a sinister spiritual power that steals magical power from any living thing it touches. But if it fails, not only is there a danger that the blaze of "Flames of Hell" will damage the caster's flesh, but there are also cases when the fire spirits (spiritus) violate the caster's mind and make him go mad.


  • Agitilas Fulminis: Lightning Speed. One of the practical uses of dark magic, it takes the magic power from "Thunderous Gale" (Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens) into one's flesh and fuses it with the spirit. In doing so, it gives the caster exceedingly great mobility. But if it fails, not only is there a danger that the gusts and lightning from "Thunderous Gale" will damage the caster's flesh, but there are also cases when the wind spirits (spiritus) violate the caster's mind and make him go mad. Why would loading the magic power of "Thunderous Gale" into oneself give the caster such extreme mobility? It is because premodern cultural systems that use spells have a prelogical mentality (mentalite prelogique) so to speak. The French social scientist and anthropologist. L. Levy-Bruhl could be called prelogical just as easily as it could be called mystical. "Thunderous Gale", also implies the "rapidity" of a gale and the "swiftness" of a lightning, and as words imbued with the power of spell, it can also bring about those effects.


  • He Astrape Hyper Ouranou Mega Dynamene: Great Vigour of the Thunderous Sky. With the body turned into a particle mass, the caster can spread a positively charged particle swarm (a group of his own positive particles) away from the main body, and thus able to prepare an electric field of a certain span. The caster can control the swarm – Negi manages this using wind magic – and thus the field itself, arbitrarily switching it from dunamis/potentia to energeia and vice versa. When the field is actualised, the caster’s negatively charged main body (particle mass) will be powerfully drawn towards the positively charged particle swarm, due to the electrical potential difference between them. Essentially, the caster uses an electrostatic discharge as a medium to achieve extremely high agility. (Note that 150km/s is the average speed of a stepped leader during a lightning strike and the main ‘branch’ occurring within the opened circuit will be many times faster. In any case, the exact speed of discharges depends on local conditions, but it should exceed 2,260km/s.) During this, the caster’s main body (a high-speed negatively charged particle mass) collides with the molecules and atoms in the air. As the massive amount of kinetic energy becomes ionisation energy and causes repeated impact ionisation (an electron avalanche), this releases a large amount of charged particles, resulting in a burst of electricity (hence, “lightning”). The negatively charged particles that compose the caster’s main body will for the most part join with the positively charged particles newly generated within the circuit. Thus, the caster cannot simply repeat the high-speed movement to another positive particle swarm. This magic is not as simple as “moving as fast as lightning”. Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning is electricity in 1752. However, before the modern era, lightning was assumed to be “the fire of the sky”. For example, Aristotle believed that lightning was caused by the burning of ejected exhalations (9b) and Hesiod referred to Zeus’ thunderbolts as “sacred flame” (iere phloz [ιερη φλοξ]). In magical terms, ‘to become a charged particle mass’ is equivalent to ‘becoming fire’. To put it this way, you can say that ‘Raiten Taisou’ is a spell to change the caster’s body into fire, and mutating yourself into a jinni (eg. the Spirit of the Lamp in the story of Aladdin); jinn, beings made of fire, will never ‘burn out’, similar to how living beings can ‘grow back’ from injuries. Thus, during impact ionisation, even though the caster has lost his initial charged mass, he can absorb the charged particles within the circuit as a replenishment, and maintain his body (and life).


  • Tastrapa Hyper Ouranou Mega Dynamena: In the case of ‘Raiten Taisou’, until the caster removes the positively charged particles from his main body and to elsewhere in his expanded electric field, he cannot use a circuit for high-speed movement. However, with ‘Duplex Complexio’ and a doubled ‘Mega Dunamene’ (‘Raiten Sousou’), the caster can change particle arrangement during movement, allowing him to create the next circuit while still in mid-movement. As the caster can create new circuits indefinitely, the caster can remain in a high-speed form infinitely – Constant Lightning Form.


  • Perfectus Plasmationis Per Emissionem: By unleashing the lightning within the caster via Khilipl Astrape onto an actualized electric field, the caster can create a sudden extreme electrical potential difference resulting in an electron avalanche and a large electrical strike. Perfectus Plasmationis Per Emissionem, “Chihayaburu Ikazuchi”. ‘Chihayaburu’ is ancient Japanese, meaning “mighty, great, vigorous power”. ‘Chihayaburu’ in this case is written as “breaking a thousand rocks”. Thus, “Thousand Rocks Breaking Lightning”. Negi can also summon 1000 lightning speed clones while doing this attack.


- Ensis Exorcizans: Also known as Hama no Tsurugi, personal artifact of Asuna Kagurazaka. It has the ability to cancel magic (forming a barrier around the wielder) and unsummon anything that can be summoned. It has also shown to cancel ki depending on how the ki was used, for example canceling Kotaro's ki based ninjutsu or Rakan's ki blast. The magic cancel ability is not the artifact's ability but Asuna's ability which is possibly linked to that sword. As stated by Rakan that he was borrowing powers from his students. Initially manifested as a harisen, but its true form is that of a great sword. Can banish demons with a single attack, and imbued with magic-repelling properties in general.

- Diarium Ejus: Picture Diary of the Id, personal artifact of Nodoka Miyazaki. The pages of her diary can show her the thoughts (in simple written form) of whoever she knows the name of, to gather information or to anticipate attacks. She can make smaller floating books appear to record the thoughts of multiple people at once. Comptina Daemonia and Auris Lectans allow her to gather her targets' names if not knowing them beforehand and not depend on directly reading her book, respectively.

- Sica Sisicusiro: Sixteen Skewering Daggers, personal artifact of Setsuna Sakurazaki. A wakizashi that can split into 16 clones, all of which can hover and move independently. Can also be used as a regular offhand blade or dual-wielded. When the dagger is split, only the original retains the hilt ornament. Can be used to trap, bind, and electrocute her enemies.

- Flabellum Euri, Flabellum Australe: Fan of the Eastern Wind, Fan of the Southern Wind, personal artifacts of Konoka Konoe. A pair of paper fans with healing abilities. Flabellum Euri can completely heal any injuries short of a crushed skull, provided that less than 3 minutes has passed since sustainment; Flabellum Australe can heal any illness (or similar so-called “Status” defects, eg. petrification) less than 30 minutes old.

- Orbis Sensualium Pictus: Illustration of the World, personal artifact of Yue Ayase. A set of items including flying broom, mage’s hat, a robe, other accessories, and most significantly, a self-updating encyclopedia (or compendium) of magic connected to MahoNET. All displayed data entries will have related links contain summaries of basic information regarding the subject. However, as the data comes from MahoNET, if the old information is ever overwritten (updates, etc.) then it cannot be retrieved.

- Imperium Graphices: Empire of the Scrawl, personal artifact of Haruna Saotome. A set of items including sketchbook, quill, ink bottle, cloak, beret, and various other oddities. Can summon simple golems based on the drawings. A splendid Pactio Artifact, as the Ministra can single-handedly maintain a system of offense and defense with an army of golems. About 1% of damage received by her golems are transfered back to her.

- Occulus Corvinus: Sight of the Black Raven, personal artifact of Kazumi Asakura. A maximum of 6 spying machines that can be remotely operated from extreme ranges. They are more effective if used with Sayo Aisaka.

- Sceptrum Virtuale: King’s Sceptre of Power, personal artifact of Chisame Hasegawa. A magical-girl-esque wand that allows the user to dive into the computerized world. When in conjunction with her laptop PC, it allows her and anyone within her vicinity to enter cyberspace, upon which she can internally hack into systems using her computer knowledge to put a stop to any opponent. However, their physical bodies remain in the real word in a kind of trance-like state. Most likely, it is their astral forms which enters cyberspace. Additionally, Chisame is supported by seven virtual electronic spirits, which are seen as talking, long-tailed mice.

- Speculatrix Clandestina: Invisibility Cloak, personal artifact of Kaede Negase. A magical cloak that can makes the user invisible and travel in another dimension but not limited for the user as it has shown to affect multiple people when Kaede tried to save her classmates and teleport them somewhere else. The dimension contains a house inside which is very useful for preparation. Apparently it has shown to absorb enemies attacks thus teleporting the attack somewhere in her dimension or other possible places.

- Cassiopeia: A device he got from Chao Lingshen. It allows the user to jump forward or backwards in time. Also create a 2-3 seconds time stop effect every time jump adding it up with an instant movement which makes the speed instantaneous. Another thing is that it can be used to avoid even an unavoidable hit as long as the user jumps through time in that instant. As it requires precision control and event prediction down to the nanoseconds, Negi operates it using magical spirits while Chao uses an AI. Negi no longer has this device.

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- Chamo acts as his familiar, he accompanies Negi most of the time.

- It should be noted that Ken Akamatsu himself stated in the Q&A portion on the back of the manga that Negi canceled his Pactio to Theodora therefore the OP has to specify if Negi will get his students' artifacts or not.

- It's official. He's six feet under. Just look up.

- As you can guess by some of the stuff on this page, Negi is a character that most members of the OBD don't like.


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