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A completed shonen manga series with 3 volumes created by Amano Youichi.

It is based on the Chinese novel Shui Hu Zhuan, about the trials and tribulations of a band of outlaws during the mid Song dynasty.

It is 1112, the middle kingdom (China) is in turmoil with the present Sung dynasty's government unable to control its own provincial officials from preying on their people. But tales of a band of outlaws punishing these abusive officers called "Taiten Gyoudou" is spreading. Their deeds are giving people hope, so begins an encounter between Suiren, a young village girl believing in the outlaws, and a member named "Falling Star" Taisou.


Standing in the Battledome

The characters in this verse start off abnormally strong, with some characters already shown to dodge lightning, characters who can create mountain sized summons, few claiming to be mountain busters and one picking up a rock calced to be over 1000 tons.

Many characters though in order to determine their power, powerscaling is definitely necessary, when they are compared with other characters from the verse.

Supporters of the series

  • Blade
  • God Movement
  • Imagine


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Not to be confused with the similarly-named game series.     

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