Tao can stomp anyone with his tongue

Name: Tao Pai Pai/Mercenary Tao
Origin: Dragon Ball
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Martial Artist, Assassin | Human Cyborg, Martial Artist, Assassin
Age: 291 years old when he first appears (according to the Daizenshuu timeline)
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, skilled martial artist, skilled in the art of assassination, incredibly powerful tongue, the ability to manipulate and use ki both defensively and offensively
Weaknesses: Overconfident
Destructive Capacity: At least large building level+ | At least small city level+ via powerscaling (a much weaker Roshi demolished Mount Fry-pan)
Range: Several dozen meters with Dondonpa
Speed: Hypersonic+ (mach 20+) | Hypersonic+
Durability: At least large building level+ (durability is lessened significantly once he has used up a lot of ki, however) | At least small city level+ via powerscaling
Lifting Strength: Class M
Striking Strength: Class GJ (capable of throwing a stone pillar thousands of kilometers)
Stamina: High but if he is hurt it is greatly lowered
Standard Equipment: Grenades, swords, in cyborg form he has a concealed knife and an energy cannon
Intelligence: Many years of combat experience, experience with various weapons, knowledge, and mastery of the Tsuru-Sennin Martial Arts school
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Pillar Throw: Tao breaks off a stone pillar, then throws it into the air and rides it to its destination.

- Dodonpa: Tao fires an orange ki beam out of his finger, which is comparable or superior to a Kamehameha used by similar level characters. It doesn't cause very large AoE damage but has a burning/piercing effect.

- Super Dodonpa: A technique only used by Cyborg Tao. He removes his mechanical hand, turning his arm into a cannon that fires a Dodonpa with a much larger AoE.

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Other: This profile mainly covers Tao in the first arc he appeared in (and the one where he showed the vast majority of his feats). Cyborg Tao is presumably stronger, but only mentioned in passing


Cyborg Tao

Not to be confused with a similarly named character from Shaman King

Key: Red Ribbon Army | 23rd Budokai