Erza Suelet


Name: Erza Scarlet
Origin: Fairy Tail
Gender: Female
Classification: Human Mage
Age: 19
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, using her unique magic Ex-Quip she is able to create special armors that serve different purposes (some for greater defense whether that be against blunt force or elemental attacks and some for greater offensive abilities, for long ranged battle or to use special abilities she otherwise wouldn't be able to, see Notable Attacks/Techniques for more), extremely skilled swordswoman and hand-to-hand fighter, has an artificial eye (she can use this to her advantage to resist special eye techniques and illusions), can channel all of her magic energy into her blade for maximum offensive power, telekinesis, water manipulation, fire manipulation, light manipulation, lightning manipulation (with this armor she also has increased protection from lightning), wind manipulation, flight with some of her armors, can summon over 100 swords at the same time, vacuum cut (with Nakagami armor), can dispel magic (with Nakagami armor)
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: City level+ (could fight base Irene for a short while with Wendy's help and destroyed Irene's meteor; fought Laxus to a standstill)
Range: Depends on her Ex-Quip (can reach up to several hundred meters)
Speed: Massively hypersonic+, likely higher (reacted to Irene's meteor)
Durability: City level+ (Erza has massive endurance as well considering she took 3 chapters of beatings from Irene and fight even while her bones are all broken)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman
Striking Strength: At least Class PJ+, likely Class EJ with her strongest Armors
Stamina: Large, able to fight with serious injuries much to the surprise of experienced guild masters
Standard Equipment: Her basic armor
Intelligence: Skilled combatant, Erza is regarded as one of the strongest mages in the entire guild, very intelligent
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Ex-Quip aka "The Knight: Erza uses Ex-quip, a type of magic that swaps weapons and armor at will. Her certain Ex-quip is called, "The Knight." She is noted for her ability to Ex-Quip quickly and is the only sword mage capable of exquipping armor while fighting, earning her the nickname "Erza the Titania", and is well known in the continent, not only in the city of Magnolia. Her strength is so great that even strong mages such as Natsu and Gray fear her; this fear immediately ceases their bickering in her presence. Happy said that Erza's magic is beautiful because it causes a huge amount of blood to spill from her opponents.

Armor Types

- Heart Kreuz Armor: This is Erza's normal, casual armor, which is custom made. Her sword is also made by Heart Kreuz.

- Heaven's Wheel Armor: This armor Erza uses to face multiple opponents. Erza becomes surrounded by many swords which can be thrown at her opponents.

  • Sword Requipping: Erza is able to summon a large amount of swords (roughly more than 200), and launch weapons at her opponent(s) in a variety of different ways. The armor is meant to be used for facing multiple opponents.


  • Blumenblatt (Profusion of Swords): Erza will requip a mass amount of swords, and then charge at her opponent and slice him or her with two of her swords. Then she will fly past her enemy and send the swords she requipped into the enemy at the same time.


  • Circle Sword: Erza requips swords and has them circle around her by utilizing the command, "Dance, My Blades". The swords then begin spinning rapidly around Erza, and she sends them flying towards her opponent(s) in a disc formation at first and upon impact the swords separate and fly in different directions dealing great damage.


  • Trinity Shot: While in her Heavens Wheel Armor, Erza slashes the opponent in a delta formation.


  • Pentagram Sword: While using the Heaven's Wheel Armor, the user slashes the swords in the shape of a pentagram to attack the target.

- Black Wing Armor: This armor increases the destructive power in Erza's attacks. In this form, she only uses one sword and grows wings, like a bat.

  • Moon Glimpse: Erza rushes past her target, slashing them in a cross pattern.

- Flame Emperor's Armor: This flame resistant armor lowers the destructive power of flame attacks by 50%. In this form, she has no armor on her shoulders and more on her limbs, the boots closely resembles dragon feet.

- The Giant's Armor: In this armor, Erza is able to increase the strength of her throwing power.

- Herculean Armor: This armor is the ultimate, high-level defensive stance. In this form, Erza is able to withstand the magic fired by the Phantom Lord's cannon, Jupiter.

- Purgatory Armor: One of Erza's strongest armors, according to her "none have seen this armor and lived to tell the tale, witness it and despair." The full power was never seen, as it was quickly destroyed by Ikaruga.

- Lightning Emperor Armor: This armor lowers the attack damage of all thunder attacks aimed at Erza. Laxus stated that it wasn't enough to stand his thunder magic; however, the single attack aimed at Erza did no damage to her.

  • Lightning Beam: Erza fires a blue beam of lightning towards her opponent from the tip of the armor’s spear.

- Unnamed Armor: An unknown armor with unknown abilities that Erza used to fight Cobra.

- Armadura Fairy Armor: Erza's strongest armor (so far), she also has 2 swords in this form, it's so strong it able to defeat Knightwalker's spear Ravelt (although her armor broke as a result of doing so).

  • Fairy Piercing Sword: Erza charges her swords with energy and hits the target with a powerful lunge.

- Sea Empress Armor: This armor nullifies water attacks.

  • Water Magic: This armor allows Erza to charge her sword with water and release powerful whirlpools against her opponent.

  • Water Slash: While in the Sea Empress Armor, the user charges the blade of the sword with water and then attacks the target with water.

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