A wonderful series.

Background Information

Earthbound (or Mother as it's known in Japan) is a cult classic trilogy of Nintendo-exclusive video games by Shigesato Itoi. Of the three games, only Earthbound was originally released in the West on the SNES in 1995 (though Mother 1 has since had an official release, now titled Earthbound Begins). The first two games are set in a country resembling America called Eagleland (even called America in the first game)

Standing in the Battledome

Earthbound/Mother is incredibly powerful, with several universal characters such as Ness & Giygas, the latter of which became evil itself, being able to corrupt people, animals & even inanimate objects by taking control of the evil inside them, all from many years in the past. Ness merged with the Universe in order to defeat Giygas, and still didn't have a chance, and Paula had to break the fourth wall in order to defeat him.



OBD Profiles

- Ness
- Giygas


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