Background Information

If you want to sum up Akira in three words it would be drugs, motorcycle, and foreheads. Really really large foreheads. Akira was first penned by Katsuhiro Otomo as a series of graphic novels, it was later adapted into an animated film. Since it was directed by Katsuhiro himself it's part of the canon and can be seen as an alternate retelling of the manga.

Akira revolves around Tetsuo, Kaneda, and their involvement with a mysterious psychic named Akira. They also meet several other psychics and a rebel military group who are involved in the overall shitfests.

During the series, it is revealed that Tetsuo is in fact a psychic, second only to Akira himself. He goes power mad and with Akira's help they fuck up what's left of Neo-Tokyo.

It is now up to the remnants of the scattered army and what's left over of the rebels to band together to take him down.

Standing in the Battledome

Akira is a pretty powerful verse.

Various feats include flying to the moon and creating a crater there, blocking lasers with bare hands, and creating mini black holes.

Akira and Tetsuo also apparently created a big bang and a new universe at the end.

It is agreed that the verse is limited because Tetsuo himself couldn't control the power and later turned into a mindless blob.

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