A pair of Ashtanga warships

Origin: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Type: Spaceship
In use by: The Anti-Spirals
Powered by: Unknown
Destructive Capacity: At least large planet level (one of them crushed several planets as it emerged from its warp and it was a threat to Arc-Gurren Lagann)
Durability: At least large planet level (its shields can withstand energy enhanced drill attacks from Arc-Gurren Lagann)
Material: Unknown
Performance: FTL
Weaknesses: None notable
Terrain: Space
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Unknown
Operational Timeframe: Unknown

  • Mouth Cannon
  • Dozens of arms (capable of throwing planets)
  • Swarms of Probability Missiles
  • Swarms of smaller ships
Weapons Range: Interplanetary
Special Forms: None
Notable features: Possesses a shield too powerful for Arc-Gurren Lagann to pierce, can manipulate probability to decrease the chances of an enemy's defenses successfully blocking its attacks, can unfold its arms to grab nearby planets and throw them at enemies, can warp through time (to a limited extent) and space to travel at FTL speeds, carries an enormous number of smaller Anti-Spiral ships inside it
Notable Attacks/Techniques: