Volume 1 of Last Order


Background Information

Battle Angel Alita, also known as GUNNM (Gan Mu, literally Gun's Dream) is a seinen manga by Yukito Kishiro, relatively unknown in its country of origin but widely popular in the rest of the world.

The original series spans 9 volumes and a sequel called Last Order is published in Ultra Jump since 2001.

First Last Order was published at Ultra Jump magazine but from chapter 101 it started published at Kodansha's Evening magazine.

Mars Chronicles which is the sequel to Last Order, it is ongoing.

BAA is a cyberpunk manga taking place in a dystopian future, following the struggle for survival and identity quest of Gally/Alita, a female cyborg expert in the martian martial arts Panzer Kunst.


Standing in the Battledome

BAAverse is very powerful. On the destructive side of things, high tiers range from city block level+ to town level+, top tiers are city level+ to island level.

Zekka has a continent level+ suicide attack and Alita & Don Fua also have a solar system level+ combination attack

Speed-wise the relevant characters range from hypersonic+ to sub-relativistic

They also have a wide array of hax abilities such as black hole creation, anti-matter creation, high-level plasma manipulation, intangibilitydimensional based capabilities, interplanetary BFR, high-level hacking and mid-level to low-godly level regeneration

The Panzer Kunst marital art is a deadly fighting style that revolves around using vibration-based strikes to deal with internal damage to an opponent. Characters like Alita and Erica are very proficient with this fighting style.

Alita has been one of the OBD's strongest melee fighters for quite some time.

As a whole, they're stronger than the likes of BleachKongou Banchous-CRY-ed, and Yu Yu Hakusho.


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OBD Profiles


Character Profiles


Space Angels


Alita Sechs Zazie 


Space Karate Allies


Don Fua Rakan Taraba Toji Zekka




Bermen  Erica Walt  Gergt  Parabellum 




Anomaly  Warmen 609

Genome Kingdom 


Bigorne  Chicheface  Gargantua  Homme Du Feu 




Getz  Niz  Qu Tsang  Vilma 


Muster Gang


Baron Muster 


Starship Cult




Humans/Half Cyborgs


Figure Four 



Den  Jashugan  Makkaku  Zapan 


Weapon Profiles



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