Alita's going leave no ass unkicked


Name: Yoko von der Rasierklinge, Gally, Alita
Origin: Battle Angel Alita
Gender: Female
Classification: Martian Cyborg
Age: 221
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, dexterity, endurance, master martial artist (uses a style known as Panzer Kunst), skilled swordswoman, can create and control plasma (exceeding temperatures of 15,000°C), electromagnetic manipulation (Alita can heighten her attack and movement speed as well as control and speed up both her internal plasma and external sources of heat), by using her accelerator Alita's brain clock speed is able to function 150 times faster than normal also while in the accelerated state Alita's brain nano-mode does not require oxygen, changing her perception of time, allowing her to think, move and react in mere milliseconds (only the Imaginos Body in Battle Angel Alita), after acquiring the Imaginos Body 2.0 Alita is able to reconstruct (low-high), she has access to a wormhole reactor which passes an inexhaustible energy supply from Jupiter to her body, flight by using plasma to propel herself great distances (she can also grant herself flight by forming wings made of Damascus blades), chi Alita gains precognitive like abilities in which she can read the opponent's actions the instant before they happen as well as concentrate all of her mental and physical strength to one point (similar to concentrating the sun’s rays by using a magnifying glass to one point), able to change the atomic structure of her body by thought, proficient in high-frequency vibration attacks, immortality (type 1), can hack into computer systems or resist high level body hacking based attacks (after acquiring the Imaginos Body 2.0), able to use sonar, electromagnetic senses, nanomachine corrosion, echolocation, after acquiring the Imaginos Body 2.1 her abilities evolved again and her energy levels became even better, has limited imagination control, she is able to even fuse herself with a giant Onion Frame (which is a giant space colony ship), can create massive plasma wings, control it and change it's trajectory thanks to the upgrades and deal she made with Zeus and Melchizedek (they are powerful planetary quantum convergence observing systems)
Weaknesses: Her Hertza Haeon can be easily nullified with a vibration of the same wavelength | Her regeneration has been significantly slowed
Destructive Capacity: Building level | Wall level+ | Small building level+ (can topple boulders), possibly higher with weaponry | Large building level+ | At least small town level, likely higher (comparable to Toji) | Island level (can generate this much energy)
Range: Extended melee range in Berserker and Motor Ball bodies, several dozen to several hundred meters in TUNED body, several hundred to possibly at least 2 kilometers in all of her Imaginos bodies, several dozen to several hundred meters in her current body (which might still be Imaginos 2.1)
Speed: Hypersonic, was able to dodge grind cutters which moves 3-4 times the speed of sound effortlessly | Faster than the eye can see, cameras were needed during the course of the tournament to keep up with her movements | Supersonic+ (can easily move at such speed) | Hypersonic+ (mach 17.5 in Battle Angel Alita) | Hypersonic+ (easily mach 23+), was able to neutralize tens of thousands of soliton waves in Zazie's skull each moving at speeds over mach 5, also called Toji's hyper electromagnetic reverse punch slow | Sub-relativistic+ (faster than Sechs)
Durability: Building level | Wall level+ | Small building level+ | At least large building level+ | At least small town level, regeneration makes her hard to kill | At least city level+ (at least as durable as Super Fizziroy Body Sechs, regeneration makes her hard to kill)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman+ | At least Class 5+ | Possibly Class 25+ | Likely Class 100+ | Likely Class K | Likely Class K
Striking Strength: Class MJ+ | At least Class KJ+ | At least Class MJ | Class MJ+ | Class TJ | Class TJ+
Stamina: Superhuman+ (capable of fighting for hours and doing other strenuous tasks in all of her bodies), limitless in Imaginos 2.1 (she has access to an unlimited supply of energy)
Standard Equipment: A Damascus blade | A Damascus blade attached to her wrist | A variety of effective support weapons such as: TUNED Pistol (a handgun that fires armor-piercing HE rounds, It has two firing modes: single shot and three-round burst), TUNED Heavy Rifle (a powerful rifle/cannon that can be used as an assault rifle or a sniper rifle), throwing, combat, close quarter combat and survival Knives, fragmentation, smoke, flash bangs, incendiary, and EMP Grenades, Mobile unit (a single-wheeled motorcycle used by TUNED agents as a transport vehicle, it can be controlled manually by the agent or by remote control by Tiphares, the operator's voice can be projected from the mobile unit), Arachno, Missile Bee, Lice probes, Firefly, Laser bug, Support System Gabriel, Solenoid Quench Gun, Mono-molecular wire (a wire that is only a few atoms wide, leading to a finer edge than any existing knife, it also has a tensile strength of 2.4 tons, and since it's basically one long molecule, is almost completely invisible to the naked eye) Nothing notable |  Nothing notable Nothing notable | Danko (a sentient gun capable of shooting homing Berserker bullets, Danko wraps himself around Alita's arm)
Intelligence: Innate knowledge of plasma physics and electromagnetic forces, is one of the best fighters in the entire series and a high-level practitioner of her martial art, Panzer Kunst
Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Panzer Kunst (Armored Art): The renowned martial art used by Kunstlers. Panzer Kunst focues on speed and vibration based attacks with a goal to bypass an opponents native durability regardless of their size or body material. There are non offensive Panzer Kunst techniques as well which empahsize on speed and stealth. Five schools make up the overall frame work of Panzer Kunst and their techniques and technology has been absorbed into the Panzer Kunst's teachings.


  • Hertzer Fahren (Heart Driver): A Panzer Kunst two part combination secret technique which comes from the Scneider School.


    • Verschlag (Box): The Kunstler produces thousands of soliton waves moving at a speed above mach 5 with a specific oscillation frequency and a precisely modulated trajectory, reflecting inside an object without losing energy with each one comparable to a shot from a small-bore pistol bullet but when it resonates with with the surrounding materials, it causes far more destruction. The first part of the attack, an initial Hertza Haeon-like strike is first applied in order to set loose a shockwave which bounces around inside the body, increasing in momentum and energy, before finally focusing on the extremities such as the limbs or joints. The opponent might notice this as a slight ringing in their ears. If the technique is left unfinished it will eventually kill the victim within a month, anything or anyone attempting to touch the victim with suffering the fate of the Hertzer Nadel, be it organic or mechanical. Another Kunstler is needed to diffuse the technique. 


    • Hertzer Nadel (Heart Needle): The second strike, driving a second Verschlag into the focal point of the shock wave, which causes the pent-up energy to explode from within.


  • Geschoss Schlag (Missile Blow): A supersonic punch, Alita's super punch applies electromagnetism for supersonic acceleration.


  • Ausser Stosse (Outer Thrust): A counter maneuver which redirects the kinetic energy of an attacking opponent back at them using a spin, adding to the momentum of the künstler's counterattack.


  • Plasma Bissen: A split-second plasma jet used to create undetectable cuts and gouges in the opponent's body. Usually concealed as a punch, swipe, or parry. This attack is an original one, made up by Alita, and might be considered a Seinerweisen, or personal technique based on Alita's body's own construction.


  • Javelin Palm: A palm thrust that creates a sharp explosion when Alita excites the electrons in her hand.


  • Einzug Rüstungen (Armor Penetration): A technique used to match an opponent's rhythm and parry, then strike when the opponent drops their guard.


  • Plasma Soliton: Alita uses a plasma cupola trapped between competing magnetic fields as a medium to fire a Hertzer Hauen made of a plasma-wave soliton the loser of this deadlock is consumed by plasma exceeding temperatures of 100,000°C.


  • Kumai Sharin Kyaku: The künstler pushes off the ground with their hands to launch themselves into the air feet first and position themselves above an opponent. Somersaulting in midair, they then attack with both feet extended.


  • Sharin Choshu: The künstler runs and throws themselves into a forward roll before launching themselves vertically with their feet facing up.


  • Senkai Kyaku: The künstler kicks up with one leg then brings their foot down for the initial strike. They then bring their other foot up to kick in a circle with both feet.


  • Kumai Sharinraku: The künstler leaps vertically into the air, executes a forward somersault, and slams both heels onto the target.


- Imaginos Body: The Imaginos Body not only enhances her overall fighting and mechanical performance capabilities but it also grants her new shapeshifting abilities as well. 

  • Plasma Claws: Alita can generate through her fingertips and uses them as slashing weapons that can reach temperatures exceeding 15,000°C.


  • Damascus Blade: Alita can form a Damascus Blade on her arm with the Imaginos body, with Imaginos 2.0 and 2.1 she can form dozens of them in the shape of wings and use them to fly.
The Damascus Blade in Imaginos Body


- Danko: A sentient mechanical gun from Venus which can shoot homing Berserker bullets.

Danko. He isn't very nice.

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