The real Fullmetal Alchemist


Name: Alphonse Elric, often mistakenly called the "Fullmetal Alchemist"
Origin: Fullmetal Alchemist
Gender: Male
Classification: Disembodied soul bonded to a suit of armor
Age: 14
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, matter manipulation, expert in alchemy, skilled in martial arts, great intelligence, invulnerable to pain, doesn't need to eat or sleep
Weaknesses: Any damage to his blood seal will kill him, his metal body is vulnerable to transmutation, suffers blackouts caused by his soul 'pulling' away from his body - these are at best distracting and at worst can knock him out for hours at a time.
Destructive Capacity: City block level via powerscaling, town level with Philosopher's Stone
Range: Human melee range, dozens of meters with alchemy
Speed: Hypersonic (took on a tag-team assault from Kimblee and Pride)
Durability: City block level+ (withstood the aftermath of his clash with Kimblee, he has a metal body and cannot be killed by anything except damage to his blood seal, he can however be incapacitated by far less, such as the removal of his joints or limbs)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman, exact level unknown
Striking Strength: Superhuman, exact level unknown, Class GJ via alchemy
Stamina: Technically limitless, he doesn't feel pain and never gets tired
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable, although at one time he was temporarily in possession of a Philosopher's Stone
Intelligence: An alchemical genius, only slightly below his brother in terms of intelligence
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Other: This profile obviously does not cover him whilst in possession of his human body.