Hint: He isn't even the strongest


Name: Daemon Spade or Demon Spade
Origin: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Gender: Male
Classification: First Vongola Guardian Of Mist
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength, durability, agility, manipulation over the Mist Flame attribute, is an extremely skilled illusionist evident of his very powerful illusions (Daemon Spade's illusions are powerful enough to fool Tsuna's Hyper Intuition), the ability to cancel the illusions of others, reality warping with "real illusions" (after an illusion is created it can be made real with Mist Flames, Daemon's "real" illusions are so good that he can even imitate the fighting style's of his opponents and their techniques), mind control, the ability to possess the bodies of others (his strength depends on the vessel he is possessing), can use all the abilities from the Shimon Rings and Vongola Gear apart from Enma's and Tsuna'steleportation through dimension hopping, Daemon can also use this ability to BFR opponents by sending them to his illusory world through his cards, regeneration (at least Low - Mid, able to to heal fatal damage using the monster mouth that appears on his body by licking the wound), duplication (can split himself into six bodies, any body that's harmed individually only deals a 1/6th of the damage it would have if he was one being)
Weaknesses: Illusions can still be broken out of with one of the following ways: to not believe that the illusion is real, to distract the illusionist so the illusion is brokento break out of the illusions with pure brute force
Destructive Capacity: At least building level+ via powerscaling | City level+
Range: Should be able to encompass a kilometer+ range with his illusions given weaker illusionists such as Torikabuto can perform such feats without many issues
Speed: Massively hypersonic via powerscaling (faster than Levi who dodged cloud-to-ground lightning in the Varia Arc), massively hypersonic+ in his Spirit Form, and when using the Night Flame for attacks
Durability: At least building level+ | City level+ (managed to survive an XX-Burner from Tsuna)
Lifting Strength: Peak human | Class K+
Striking Strength: Class K+ | Class M+
Stamina: Large, able to compete with both Tsuna and Enma at one time
Standard Equipment: A Scepter and Scythe, Daemon Spade's Devil Lens | Shimon Rings, Vongola Gear, Deck of Cards
Intelligence: Extremely wise and cunning, skilled combatant
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Mist Flame: A Flame indigo in color. Mist Flames hold the ability of construction. Mist Flames are described as having a low density and, consequentially, a weak offensive power. Although, strong Mist Flames can even melt steel as stated by Genkishi.

  • Construction: A special trait that makes the Mist Flames optimal to be used along with illusions, especially during the creation of Real Illusions.

Normal Illusions: An illusionist uses their psychic powers to make their enemy feel, see, hear, or smell things that aren’t there. Basically, every illusion is dealt with through the mind. In the case of a first-class Illusionist, it's possible to even kill the enemy with illusions; for example, Chrome created an illusion of lava erupting and Viper (Mammon) said that if he had believed it was real for one second, he would have burned. This proves, however, that if the enemy is aware that they are experiencing an illusion, it will have no effect on them and does not exist. Normal illusions take control of fear and forces other people to be afraid. These illusions are powerful enough to even fool cameras. Unlike Genjutsu, these illusions can leave long-lasting harm. The moment you believe they exist, they become real.

Real Illusions: When an illusionist uses their illusions combined with the power of Mist Flames, they will create real illusions and the illusion will be experienced in reality. Daemon can use this ability to copy the abilities of his opponents. Daemon has shown the ability to copy the abilities associated with the Vongola Gears (see the respective pages of the Vongola Family to see what abilities Daemon Spade can make use of).

Daemon Spade's Evil Lens: Daemon Spade's Box Weapon, Vongola Mist Owl, transforms into a set of three lenses that enable Daemon to see through powerful illusions and scan a target and see its identity and weaknesses.

Deck of Cards: One of Daemon's many weapons. Once activated, these cards take the form of people who are close to the enemy to make use of any emotional attachments. Daemon has been shown to be able to slip into one of the "characters" and attack the enemy himself. After Daemon took control of Mukuro's body, he gained the additional ability to send his enemies into an illusory world which he controls, through these cards. When Daemon first used this ability, it caused an explosion with the joker card in order to suck his enemies in, through the explosion. However, when used against Hibari, the cards changed into a bigger form and Hibari simply got sucked into it, showing that an explosion isn't always necessary.

- Armamento Completo Daemon: By having almost every Vongola Gear and Shimon ring, (except Tsuna's and Enma's), he can become very strong. He can create 6 'clones' of himself as well as skillfully weave his real body in and out of the battle with his illusions.


Night Flame: A Flame black in color. Night Flames hold the ability of warping. Night Flames are described as having an energy output greater than any other kind of Flame.

  • Warp: The user can create a portal to another location. The portal can also be given a gravitational ability (reminiscent of a black hole) to be used to forcibly draw something inside.

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Other: Not to be confused with the similarly named character from ReBoot or the Digimon

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