The main cast of the series
The main cast of the series

Background Information

Taking place in a futuristic version of Tokyo, Japan. Society has harnessed the power of the elements into items known as "Mystickers" which give off various effects depending on which is used and can be applied to everyday housework or even combat. Daichi, our main hero, is a young teen that resents his older brother but finds comfort in his dealings with friends. After an encounter with some bullies, Daichi discovers he has the potential to become a Blazer, people who are able to apply these "Mystickers" into their skin without causing harm to their own bodies. It isn't after another deadly encounter with an unknown assailant of an organization that's targeting him that Daichi learns of his fate and that of his brother.

At the cost of something precious, Daichi sets out to reclaim that which was taken, embarking on a dangerous quest with a new resolve and a powerful "Mysticker" of his own.

(Made by Seishi Kishimoto, brother of Masashi Kishimoto and creator also of the manga 666 Satan, Seishi>Masashi, carve it)

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Blazer Drive isn't a particularly strong verse.


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