Seto Kaiba
The biggest ego in all of card games


Name: Seto Kaiba
Origin: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Gender: Male
Classification: Human
Age: 16 at the start of the series (18 at the very end) | Over 5000
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, is a talented battle strategist, his Millennium Rod he can mind control people and then communicate with them telepathically, it also allows him to paralyze people or throw them around (Only as Priest Seto who was the original owner though since he never has the Rod himself in his reincarnated form), some resistance to precognition thanks to his Millenium Rod as shown in the battle with Ishizu/Isis Ishtar. Possible Shadow games during his time as Priest Seto as he does have a Millenium device and dueled in ancient Egypt. Has the ability to screw any rule
Weaknesses: Greed and overconfidence
Destructive Capacity: Street level | City level (an attack from Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon broke through another dimension as shown in the fight against Zorc) | City level+
Range: Average human melee range | Several kilometers | Several kilometers
Speed: Average human
Durability: Superhuman (receives direct life damage and enters in Shadow Games)
Strength: Superhuman (threw Jonouchi onto the floor, Jonouchi was then attended to by Honda and Bakura who then checked for his pulse, beats up countless amounts of bodyguards with utter ease, has thrown a card on someone with such force it pierced their skin in a similar way that knife would)
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: A duel disk and a deck full of cards and money
Intelligence: Extremely intelligent; is the head of Kaiba Corp and has outsmarted and tricked many smart enemies
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

God Hand Crusher: This move is used by Obelisk the Tormentor. Obelisk launches a powerful fist-first attack at his target.

ByakuraiBlue-Eyes White Dragon fires a powerful ball of energy towards the target.

Notable OBD Victories:

Notable OBD Losses:


Not to be confused with the similarly - named character from Needless.

Key: Himself | Using Blue-Eyes White Dragon (anime) | Using Obelisk the Tormentor (anime)