Pegasus J. Crawford


Name: Pegasus J. Crawford, Maximillion J. Pegasus in the dub
Origin: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Gender: Male
Classification: Human
Age: 24
Powers and Abilities: The ability to issue Penalty Games to the losers of Shadow Games (with Penalty Games Pegasus can trap the souls of his defeated opponents in the "Soul Prison" card), reality warping with Penalty Games (turned Bandit Keith's hand into a gun and forced him to shoot himself in the head), can read the minds of others as well as see through their eyes by utilizing the abilities of his Millennium Eye
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: Street level
Range: Average human melee range, several kilometers with cards
Speed: Average human
Durability: Superhuman
Lifting Strength: Average human
Striking Strength: Average human
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: A duel disk, a deck full of cards and the Millennium Eye
Intelligence: Very intelligent, created the Egyptian God cards (Pegasus modeled the cards after three Ancient Egyptian beasts whose likenesses appear on the stone tablets)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Penalty Game: A punishment given to the loser of a Shadow Game. Millennium Item holders (Pegasus) are capable of inflicting supernatural punishments. Note: Penalty games are extremely broken, ranging from being able to trap souls in hourglasses and other foreign objects to ultimately leading to death.

Soul Capture: The holder of the Millennium Item has the ability to seal the souls of his/her duel-defeated victims. The souls remain trapped until the soul stealer is defeated in a duel and the souls are avenged.

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Notable OBD Losses:

Other: Not to be confused with the similarly - named character from Saint Seiya