Marik Ishtar
Marik and the Winged Dragon


Name: Yami (Dark) Marik/Malik Ishtar
Origin: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Gender: Male
Classification: Alternate Personality
Age: In his 20s
Powers and Abilities: The ability to issue Penalty Games to the losers of Shadow Games (with Penalty Games Marik has shown he can trap opponents in hourglasses and put a timer on how long they can live, he has demonstrated he can give them up to as little as 24 hours to live), with his Millennium Rod he can mind control people and then communicate with them telepathically, it also allows him to paralyze people or throw them around. In the anime Millennium items have shown the capacity to make the cards be they magic or monster, real. In a Shadow Game he gains some reality warping, making up rules that allow him to attack his opponent any way he pleases (he can directly attack their mind or soul if he chooses)
Weaknesses: Dangerous overconfidence, total nutjob
Destructive Capacity: Street level | City level+ (going by feats and powerscaling)
Range: Average human melee range | Several kilometers
Durability: Superhuman (receives direct life damage and enters in Penalty Games)
Lifting Strength: Average human
Striking Strength: Average human
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: A duel disk, a deck full of cards and the Millennium Rod
Intelligence: Devious and cunning but still completely insane
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Penalty Game: A punishment given to the loser of a Shadow Game. Millennium Item holders (Marik) are capable of inflicting supernatural punishments. Note: Penalty games are extremely broken, ranging from being able to trap souls in hourglasses and other foreign objects to ultimately leading to death.

- Point-to-Point Transfer: Yami Marik can merge his body with Ra.

- Phoenix Mode: Winged Dragon of Ra can go into a phoenix mode where it gains immunity to destruction.

- Revival Jam: It can block all attacks but it won't be destroyed as it instantly regenerates.

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This profile covers both the manga and anime version of Marik. Credit goes to The Anti-Existence for the info for the page.

Key: Himself | Using the Winged Dragon of Ra