Volume 1 featuring Taikoubou


Background Information 

Houshin/Hoshin Engi is a completed shonen manga series with 23 volumes created by Ryu Fujisaki.

It's based on a Chinese legend known as Fengshen Yanyi, (in fact, Houshin Engi is just the Japanese pronunciation of it). It takes place in Ancient China, although there are fantasy and sci-fi elements involved.

The main character is Taikoubou, a doushi (sennin in training, sennin, and doushi have different bones from normal humans which allows them to use paopei and have supernatural powers). He appears as a teenager, even though he's actually 72 years old at the start of the manga.

He's also perhaps the best strategist of all manga protagonists (Joseph Joestar would win the best tactician, though.) (Strategy and Tactics are different things. I suggest you look up the difference.)

Also one of the best shonen series, it is definitely a good recommendation.


Standing in the Battledome

The verse is considered to be very strong and extremely broken.

As a verse, they are much stronger than the likes of RAVEs-CRY-ed, and Yu Yu Hakusho and are more comparable to 666 Satan and One Piece.

The real strength of this verse comes from the sheer number of broken abilities it has.

In fact, verses that can rival the brokenness of this verse, are the likes of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

They have a wide array of hax such as various forms of dimension manipulation, high-level shapeshifting, various forms of soul manipulation, existence erasing, mind control, body possession, regeneration, reality-warping, probability manipulation, ect.

There are at least 10 or more characters with their own dimension manipulation abilities.

As far as destructive showings go, the characters can range from at least city level+ to at least multi-continent level+.

The verse supposedly didn't have any solid speed feats before, nor it was thought to have any, to begin with. Here are some recent examples of the most impressive speed feats that the verse has.

The Kinben is currently sitting around hypersonic+/massively hypersonic+ movement speed, Suupuushan flies at double-digit mach speed and Raikouben can attack at the speed of lightning. So pretty much anyone with a name is triple digits.


Supporters of the Series

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Character Profiles


Kongrong Mountain


Bukichi Fugen Shinjin Genshi Tenson Igo Nataku Nentou Doujin
Raishinshi Shinkouhyou Ryuukitsu Koushu Taikoubou Taijou Roukun Youzen


Kou Family


Kou Hiko Kou Tenka




Bunchuu Chou Kei Chouuou Ou Kijin So Dakki


Kingou Island


Chou Koumei Outenkun Tsuuten Kyoushu


The First Humans





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