"Today it's my turn to have a danmaku festival!"

Name: Suwako Moriya
Origin: Touhou
Gender: Female
Classification: Goddess of Mountains
Age: 2300+ years (Much older than Kanako)
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, stamina, endurance, flight, magic, danmaku, earth manipulation (can create and manipulate Earth), plant Manipulation, water manipulation, curse manipulation (can manipulate and 'bestow' curses), transformation, force fields, limited conceptual manipulation (all gods can give "names" to things, giving them a concept of their own, and a defined border. She can also modify her own concept/name), non-corporeal and duplication (the true form of a God exists as an idea, and a god can spread and manifest itself in any amount of physical bodies, each with equal power), resistance to conceptual manipulation (Gods precede concepts and thus do not need one to exist), immortality (type 1 and 4), bypass intangibility, resistance to mind manipulation
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity:  Large star level+ (stronger than Sanae)
Range: Several hundred meters
Speed: MFTL+
Durability: Large star level+
Lifting Strength: Class 25 (comparable to Tenshi)
Striking Strength: Class XTJ+
Stamina: Likely limitless
Standard Equipment: Her hat, Moriya iron rings, Curse gods Mishaguji
Intelligence: High, is cunning and smart as Kanako, knowledgeable about nuclear physics and apparently knows about mechas and super robots, instigated a plan to build a mecha-like being using Utsuho and the Kappas for the lulz
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Ability to create earth: Suwako's ability specifically refers to the element of Kun (坤), one of the eight trigrams in Taoist philosophy. Kun is associated with acceptance, devotion, subtlety, flexibility, and reacting to others rather than acting first. Kanako Yasaka's ability to create the heavens, or Qian (乾), refers to the opposite element.

- Spring Sign "Moriya Clear Water": A spell that drowns the enemy in water.

- Divine Instrument "Moriya's Iron Ring": Throws three metal rings that jump around the place.

- Native God "Moriya God": A giant frog aura surrounds Suwako and attacks the enemy.

- Party Start "Two bows, Two Claps, One Bow": A giant stone hand appears and squishes the enemy in a pincer attack.

- Native God "Froggy Braves the Elements": Shoots out a flurry of water bullets from her hands. After a period of time, they rain down upon the enemy.

- Spring Sign "Horrid River Jade": Unleashes a torrent of water that appears from behind her. For her, who created the earth, bending rivers is a piece of cake. If she's performing at her best, that is.

- Frog Hunt "Snake Hears And Eats Frog": A snake-shaped boulder springs from the ground and devours the enemy. For a frog god to be using a snake-like attack... is this her competing with Kanako?

- Native God "Master Longlimbs": Beams godly power from her limbs.

- Native God "Red Frog of Houei 4": Splits and attacks the enemy. She can't move for a while, but her split bodies chase the enemy around.

- Scourge God "Mishaguji-sama": The scourge god obeys Suwako, and spreads curses around to the enemy. Can't escape once caught.

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