Doctor Wankman :maybe

Name: Jon Osterman/Doctor Manhattan
Origin: Watchmen (published by DC Comics)
Gender: Male
Classification: Energy being, Former human
Age: Around 56 years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, flight, matter manipulation, teleportation (of himself and others), non-corporeal, regeneration (low-godly), immortality (mix of types 1 and 3), telekinesis, energy manipulation, size changing, shapeshifting, multi-temporal senses including precognition, can survive in space, duplication, can create forcefields, enhanced senses (can watch an electron orbit an atom), quantum awareness/manipulation, can create life, can warp the space around himself, can walk on the surface of the sun, can disintegrate people, reverse entropy, can merge timelines, probability manipulation
Weaknesses: Tachyons can blur his perception of the future
Destructive Capacity: At least multiverse level+, potentially megaversal (especially thanks to DC Universe: Rebirth #1, it revealed that he manipulated the DC Universe [which is a multiverse actually], by taking away 10 years of its history and altering the lives of every DC Comics character, essentially, he is also the creator of the whole New 52 universe (which was created as a side effect of his messing up with the whole DC multiverse)
Range: Multiversal
Speed: At least massively FTL+ via powerscaling normally, he mainly uses teleportation, but this teleportation is more like him being omnipresent (it was said that he can exist in the past, present, and future as well)
Durability: At least multiverse level+
Lifting Strength: Unknown, can likely amp himself to immeasurable levels
Striking Strength: Unknown, can likely amp himself to immeasurable levels
Stamina: Seemingly limitless
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable (in fact, usually nothing at all, including clothes)
Intelligence: Has a Ph.D. in nuclear physics, possesses advanced knowledge of the universe on a level higher than human beings can comprehend, stated that "The world's smartest man means no more to me than its smartest termite"
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Disintegration: This is his most used offensive technique, he simply waves his hand at a target and causes it to explode (the hand-waving is likely just for show and not actually required)

- Transmutation: Doctor Manhattan can transmute any form of matter into nearly any other form of matter

- Teleportation: He can teleport as far away as Mars instantly, he also claimed he was going to go to another galaxy

- Precognition: Doctor Manhattan does not experience a linear flow of time, he experiences the future, past, and present all as one so he knows what is going to happen (subject to his above-mentioned weakness, however)

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