I'll rip your guts out!


Name: Tokiko Tsumura
Origin: Busou Renkin
Gender: Female
Classification: Human Alchemy Warrior
Age: 17
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, wields the Buso Renkin Valkyrie Skirt which takes the form of four scythe-like blades that attach to her thighs and are controlled via synaptic nerve impulses through her skin. She is capable of using them a number of ways, from attacking numerous enemies at once to using them to boost her jumps and cushion her landings
Weaknesses: Her weapon is ill-equipped to fight enemies of great physical power or endurance
Destructive Capacity: Building level+
Range: Several meters
Speed: Supersonic
Durability: Building level+
Lifting Strength: Superhuman
Striking Strength: Class KJ+
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: Her Busou Renkin Kakugane XLIV, Valkyrie Skirt
Intelligence: Very intelligent, brilliant strategist and a skilled combatant
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