Victor is so badass


Name: Victor
Origin: Busou Renkin
Gender: Male
Classification: Former Human/Energy Absorbing Super Being
Age: Over 100 years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strengthspeeddurability, endurance, unconsciously drains the life from organisms near him, which weakens them and will kill them eventually and strengthens his own powers, energy projection, matter conversion, wields the Busou Renkin Fatal Attraction which can manipulate gravity, at the point of impact the weapon's momentum can be altered to control the amount of damage, also by applying maximum force to opposing gravitational fields Victor can momentarily create a miniature black hole, thereby destroying anything it comes into contact with, can separate his axe into two smaller tomahawks, can survive in space and underwater, regeneration (mid-high, since his regeneration was said to be equal that of the Busou Renkin Gekisen), can create a false body out of corpses and make it look like him and fight, it can also be much larger than his true body, has enough stamina to fight for an entire month nonstop, flight
Weaknesses: Cannot deactivate Life Drain, can be restored/depowered by a White Kakugane
Destructive Capacity: At least city level+, likely island level (leveled a large castle after receiving his Black Kakugane, able to overpower characters like Buster Baron, capable of massive AOE with Fatal Attraction)
Range: Several hundred meters
Speed: At least Massively hypersonic+ (quad digits, was easily fighting with Buster Baron who was fast enough to fly into space), likely sub-relativistic (kept up with Kazuki for a month on the Moon)
Durability: At least city level+, likely island level (regeneration also makes him very hard to kill)
Lifting Strength: Class K (able to toss around a 550 ton Busou Renkin)
Striking Strength: Class PJ+

Stamina: Able to fight for over a month without tiring
Standard Equipment: The Busou Renkin "Fatal Attraction" which appears as an axe that can control gravity (it affects everything inside a targeted area except for himself), he can use it to crush people in large areas, reverse gravity to lift things (including massive tanker ships), destroy objects with focused gravity attacks, etc. It also works as a melee weapon and can be split into two and be dual wielded in the form of two smaller tomahawks
Intelligence: Enough knowledge of alchemy to be a key to helping Doctor Butterfly in his homunculus research, years of fighting experience
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Life Drain: This is an unconscious ability that Victor says is as natural to him as breathing, it causes any living being in a large area to be drained of energy until they die. On small creatures like frogs, lizards, and birds the process happens nearly instantaneously, but on humans, it takes a bit longer (though humans will faint quickly). The range seems to be up to several hundred meters, and the effect is stronger as you get closer to him.

Fatal Attraction: See Standard Equipment.

Energy Blasts: He can fire an energy blast from his mouth as well as create a massive omnidirectional explosion strong enough to destroy an entire army and navy fleet.

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Other: The anime version of Victor is far more powerful than the manga version, easily having over city level destructive power and durability. For this reason, the OP should specify clearly which version of Victor is being used.