Little but still pretty powerful

Name: Guldo
Origin: Dragon Ball
Gender: Male
Classification: Alien
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, flight, the ability to manipulate and use ki both defensively (can use his ki to enhance his natural durability and harden his skin) and offensively (can shoot ki blasts capable of crossing thousands of kilometers and blowing up planets), limited time manipulation and telekinesis
Weaknesses: Can only freeze time for as long as he can hold his breath (which isn't very long), and he is not physically strong compared to the other members of the Ginyu Force
Destructive Capacity: Planet level+ via powerscaling (Piccolo in the Saiyan Saga managed to blow up the moon far exceeding the base energy to do so)
Range: At least several hundred meters, otherwise unknown
Speed: At least relativistic+, likely higher (far faster than pre-training Saiyan Saga Piccolo whose beam reached the Moon in a few seconds)
Durability: Planet level+ via powerscaling
Lifting Strength: Class M+
Striking Strength: likely Class NJ+
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Is a member of the Ginyu Force, he is the weakest member of the Ginyu force but he is rather smart in combat since he was able to pull off a clever maneuver against Krillin and Gohan in battle
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Time Freeze: Guldo has the power to stop time for as long as he can hold his breath.

- Telekinesis: Guldo can use his mind to pick up stuff around him. Was able to pick up a large tree log when Gohan and Krillin where frozen in the air before Vegeta stopped him.

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