Nyarlathotep Demonbane OBD
Multiversal Cleavage.

Name: Nyarlathotep (true name), The God of Thousand Faces (epithet), Nya (alias in Zanma Taisei), Narla (alias in Kishin Taitei), Father Ny (alias in the Elder God Ending), Tick-tock Man (alias in Kishin Hishou)
Origin: Demonbane
Gender: N/A, although it can appear as either male or female
Classification: Cosmic being, Evil God, Outer God, Ultimate Observer, Child/Fragment of Azathoth
Age: Strange eons old (apparently was born when Azathoth got sealed thus the present world of Demonbane came to existence)
Powers and Abilities: Reality warping, causality manipulation, non-corporeal, immortality (type 1,2,3,4,5,6), exists outside the multiverse, acausality, abstract (that also prevents Nyarlathotep from being sealed by the Shining Trapezohedron), can exist in the boundary between fantasy and reality, omnipresence, able to teleport others or transport them through dimensions, magic, shapeshifting, darkness manipulation, can summon creatures from oblivion, able to create or empower other beings, spatial manipulation, time manipulation, soul manipulation, possession, mind manipulation, telepathy, dream manipulation, possible atomic and quantum manipulation
Weaknesses: Cannot fully comprehend the thoughts and actions made by humans. Nyarlathotep tends to make a hasty retreat the moment its schemes are getting foiled. (although that's mostly accounted for PIS). Jelly to the Elder Gods (:maybe)
Destructive Capacity: Multiverse level+ (able to create a Klein Bottle, a sealed multiverse containing infinite parallel universes, with ease), likely Megaverse level with De Marginy's Clock since it casually overpowered Mars Demonbane erasing both the Deus Machina and Edgar from existence
Range: Metaversal+
Speed: Omnipresent (at least on multiversal but potentially at megaversal scale)
Durability: At least Multiverse level+ normally, likely megaverse level (survived Demonbane's Athleta Aeternum which consist of an infinite x infinite amount of Demonbanes shoving Lemuria Impacts , each with the power of the Big Bang, on its ass, although Nyarlathothep was temporally defeated there), being a non-corporeal and abstract creature makes it seemingly impossible to kill
Lifting Strength: N/A (and certainly doesn't need it)
Striking Strength: N/A (and certainly doesn't need it)
Stamina: Virtually limitless
Standard Equipment: Clockwork Phantom, Empowered versions of the Anticross Deus Machinas (Belzebuth, Cykranosh, Kraken, Legacy of Gold, Lord Byakhee and Ogre) , De Marginy's Clock (stronger than the ones used by Mars Demonbane and Liber Legis, capable of manipulating time in the super-dimension which is the reaches beyond the multiverse)
Intelligence: Nigh omniscient
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Other: Not to be confused with the character with the same name from Shin Megami Tensei or any other incarnation, including its original Cthulhu Mythos version.

Note: Nyarlathotep was defeated by Kurou Daijuuji and Al Azif of other worlds for the total of 414633277 times (not including the beatings it suffered from the Elder God versions themselves).