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Background Information

Kojiki no Gash Bell!, better known as simply Gash Bell! (and known in the US as Zatch Bell!) is a completed shonen manga series with 33 volumes created by Makoto Raiku.

Its story is as follows: Kiyomaro is a genius douche that is kind heartened underneath his disdain for humanity. Gash gets sent over by Kiyomaro's father to un-douche him. As it turn out, Gash is a demon child involved in the Demon children competition to determine the Demon King.

It is a light-hearted manga with lovable characters and developments, epic moments, decent story telling and funny moments.

It can be pretty much a good and enjoyable series.

Standing in the Battledome

The verse's high tiers can easily rival or being even stronger than many powerful characters from the likes of Nanatsu no Taizai and Yu Yu Hakusho while with it's top tiers they can rival Saiyan Saga levels from Dragon Ball.


Supporters of the Series

  •  ~Avant~
  • Blade
  • God Movement
  • Haro
  • Kurou
  • Overlord Murasama
  • Seyta


Character Profiles




Dufaux Kafka Sunbeam Kiyomaro Taka. Megumi Ooumi Parco Folgore Sherry Belmont





Brago Clear Note Faudo Gash Bell Kanchome Tio
Umagon Zeon Bell        

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