Millions Knives
Guess how he got the name Millions Knives 


Name: Millions Knives
Origin: Trigun
Gender: Male
Classification: Alien (Plant)
Age: Over 152 years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, flight, regeneration (low-mid), is able to shoot small black holes that devour anything they touch (Knives mentioned that one could take up to a 1-km radius of matter with it), has tentacle-like protection called "Wings" that automatically activate to protect Knives from incoming attacks by attacking the enemy, absorption (can absorb Plants and become stronger as well as absorb humans), can teleport short distances with the power of his Ark, has tentacles that can take over someone's consciousness (these are fast enough to reach the stratosphere in seconds), energy blasts, shapeshifting
Weaknesses: Using his powers slowly leads to his death (his hair turns black in color to indicate this)
Destructive Capacity: At least island level+ with his black holes (can absorb up to 5km of surrounding material), continent level+ with half-charged Angel Arm shots, at least moon level+ up to planet level with fully charged Angel Arm shots (a newborn Plant was packing moon level+ energies, Vash also states that he would have destroyed all of planet Gunsmoke)
Range: Planetary
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ up to relativistic, relativistic+ with Angel Arm (Vash's Angel Arm shot reached the moon within a few seconds at most)
Durability: Country level+ (Knives tanked the Thor Hammer Blast twice), continent level+ with Automatic Angel Wings (Vash was not confident that his Angel Arm would break through Knives' Angel Wings and opted to escape instead), regeneration makes him hard to kill
Lifting Strength: Superhuman, exact level unknown, likely Class T with Automatic Angel Wings (Vash' Wings were capable of deflecting Knives' Wings from a downward position)
Striking Strength: 
At least Class MJ+ (vastly superior to any of the Gung-Ho Guns), Class EJ+ with Automatic Angel Wings
Stamina: Superhuman+ (can fight for hours on end and not tire, regeneration, and absorption further supplement his stamina)
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Very intelligent (capable of outwitting all of the Planet Gunsmoke combatants and the Earth Defense Force)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Angel Arm: Knives arm morphs into a rocket launcher-like blasting object and he's capable of firing a blast of energy that can put a dent in the surface of the moon. Said blast can reach the moon in a matter of seconds at least.

Instantaneous Teleportation: Knives can instantly teleport short distances.

Black Hole: Unlike Vash, Knives can use his black holes without the need for a gun. These small black holes devour anything they touch.

Automatic Wing Shield: Attacking Knives causes an automatic defensive mechanism to trigger stopping any incoming attacks by attacking the enemy.

Flight: Knives can fly using the power of his Ark (was originally a separate object but after absorbing most of the plants on Planet Gunsmoke it evolved into a sentient organism which is what is displayed below).

- Absorption: Knives can absorb Plants and make them more powerful. With recent events, it's shown that he can absorb regular humans considering that he made a house of them vanish without a single trace of a struggle and this was after Knives displayed the ability to absorb Plants.

- Shapeshifting: Knives can warp his body in various different ways. He can give himself a new body for flight, form sharp, long-reaching tentacles/tendrils, and create other weapons from his flesh.

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Other: Not to be confused with the similarly - named character from Scott Pilgrim