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Name: Grana/Grigori #01
Origin: Psyren
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Psychic, Member of W.I.S.E., Star Commander #01
Age: 27 | 37
Powers and Abilities:  Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, PSI ("the power of thought", PSI is a power that everyone has, but just lies dormant until awakened), can use the three primary areas of PSI (Rise, Burst and Trance), PSI users are able to momentarily focus their five senses to incredible degrees by placing tremendous stress on the brain cells, enhanced sight, hearing, mental endurance, healing and reflexes all as a product of PSI, PSI enables the use of various different psychic abilities: telekinesis/pschokinesis and telepathy (can be used over significant distance), flight, can construct a skyscraper sized building in less than a minute, can create tidal waves from a great distance using his TK and even manipulate solar rays from space
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: At least multi city block level+ | Country level+ (is one of the top tiers)
Range: Can gather sunlight from hundreds of kilometers away and attack over a range of several kilometers
Speed: Supersonic | Massively hypersonic+
Durability: At least multi city block level+ | Country level+
Lifting Strength: Superhuman
Striking Strength: At least Class MJ+

Stamina: Very large, Kagetora can pursue someone for six days or more without becoming exhausted
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Skilled combatant
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

PSI: Also known as ESP, PSI is the ability to manipulate the surroundings using the power of the mind by using the brain's full capacity instead of only a part of it. Based on three primary areas: Rise (self-strengthening), Burst (rending waves) and Trance (thought waves).

  • Burst: Changes thoughts into physical waves that release their effects on the targeted surroundings. Moving things without touching them (telekinesis) or lighting things on fire (pyrokinesis) are applications of "Burst".

  • Trance: Involves things like telepathy, which allows the user to influence the inside of a person's mind. Also described by Amamiya as a way to counter Burst.

  • Rise: The power to strengthen one's natural senses, grants the user superhuman physical abilities and also promotes faster healing.

    • Sense-Type Rise: This type increases either any one of the 5 senses or all of the 5 senses of the user (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch) to extraordinary levels and also increases the user's reflexes.

    • Strength-Type Rise: This type focuses on the user's physical body, increasing the body's physical strength, speed and endurance. It can simply be referred to as Super Human Strength.

    • Healing-Type Rise: This type ties into Strength-type but focuses more towards the body's endurance. When trained properly, the user can reduce the amount of damage being taken and how long it will take for their body to recover from damage such as a large cut or bruise. There are also other types of people who can "share their rise to another person and heal their body instead of their own".


Telekinesis: Telekinesis is in essence the ability to move an object with your mind, but under the control of someone with an extraordinary amount of power and skill there is no limit to what they can manipulate. Through an impressive use of telekinesis Grana has been seen controlling a numerous amount of objects at one time.

  • Telekinetic Shield: Grana is capable of projecting large circular discs of PSI that can block and deflect any PSI that comes into contact with it.

  • Sunfall (Nichirin "Tentsui): Grana can manipulate solar rays and concentrate them to one area then release it all in an incredibly powerful beam of energy down towards his target. It is so strong that it can completely incinerate a person with all of their flesh and body being carbonized. In the future of Psyren, Grana has shown the ability to fire multiple beams at one point increasing its destructive capability even more.

  • The Ring of the Sun: Grana can also use his ability to manipulate solar rays to completely focus all the light to one spot and without light reaching any where else the sky turns black as if it was nighttime and there was no light in the sky.

  • Telekinetic Punch: By using his telekinesis Grana is able to have it increase both the destructive capability and range of one of his punches at incredible speeds. This changes a punch from being a close range attack to being one that could be used long range.

Energy Ball: Grana is able to focus his energy into a ball that is even larger then himself. It has great destructive capabilities as seen from the huge explosion it caused after Grana used it.

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