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Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro or literally "Demon Detective Neuro Nougami" is a manga series written by Yusei Matsui with an Anime adaptation. It's about Nougami Neuro or "Brain eater" Neuro, a demon who feeds on puzzles and mysteries.

He wanders into the human world looking for puzzles and mysteries after devouring and solving every mystery in the demon world. He forces a high school girl by the name of Yako to take the credit for each case he solves so as to not bring attention to himself and sets up a detective agency while posing as an assistant. Along the way he fights against super computers, mob bosses, shapeshifting killers and the pinnacle of Evil.

Neuro himself is far from normal, being a demon he has the strength, stamina and powers of one. He is also sadistic, cruel and egotistical. The series is steeped with surrealistic art and it's pretty funny how Neuro always finds a way to torture Yako at any given moment.

Standing in the Battledome


A full powered Neuro claims to have enough durability at full power to survive an explosion from a nuclear bomb, so he'd be able to compete with a few fighters from the earlier Holy Shonen Trinity.


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  • God Movement

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Neuro NĊgami

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