Normandy SR-2 x OBD
Normandy SR-2

Name: Normandy SR-2
Origin: Mass Effect
Type: Frigate Starship
In use by: Formerly Cerberus, Systems Alliance
Powered by: Nuclear Fusion in general, Matter-Antimatter Annihilation in combat
Destructive Capacity: Town level (destroyed the Collector Cruiser with 2 shots from their Thanix Cannon)
Durability: Town level (able to survive being hit by the Oculus Particle Beams and ramming into large pieces of orbital debris around the Collector's Base at high speeds)
Material: Unknown in general, Silaris Armor is made of "carbon nanotube sheets woven with diamond Chemical Vapor Deposition", Drive Core utilizes Element Zero
Performance: Massively FTL+ (about half as fast as a Reaper [which can traverse 30 light-years in a day per the codex])
Weaknesses: Its incapable of landing on any celestial body in possession of significant gravity
Terrain: The vacuum of Space
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Requires a skilled pilot
Operational Timeframe: Able to traverse entire clusters on its own before needing to refuel
Weaponry: Javelin Disruptor Torpedoes, Thanix Magnetic-Hydrodynamic Weapons
Weapons Range: Thousands of kilometers (per the codex)
Special Forms: Nothing notable
Notable Features: Ablative Silaris Armor, Antiproton Thrusters x 4, Argus Advanced Mineral Scanner, Cyclonic Kinetic Barriers, EDI the AI, FTL Drive, Fusion Plant, GARDIAN Lasers, Helios Thruster Module, Modular Probe Bay, Sensors, Tantalus Drive Core Stealth Systems (masks the thermal signature of the Normandy.  Doesn't actually make the ship invisible)
Notable Attacks/Techniques: