Kongou Banchou
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Background Information

A completed shonen manga series with 12 volumes created by Nakaba Suzuki (also the creator of Nanatsu no Taizai).

Kongou Banchou is about a man called Akira Kongou, who is looking to take down the "23 district project" which involves "Banchou" from 23 districts of Tokyo fighting for the right to control Japan. Without meaning to, he becomes a participant with the alias Kongou Banchou and must take down other Banchou while searching for the leaders of the project.

It's a badass, imaginative manga with a straightforward story and extremely unique and creative character design (rivaling, and some even say exceeding, One Piece), that is definitely worth reading.

The main protagonist, Akira Kongou, is also notable for being very badass without the Linkin Park emo phase that plagues shonen protagonists nowadays.

Standing in the Battledome

As a verse, with characters like Akira and Takeshi Kongou in their Giant Modes, who are packing continent level+ physical power and durability with mhs+ speeds, and they can easily rival many individual characters from the likes of BleachYu Yu Hakusho, Nanatsu no Taizai, and One Piece.

Aside from Giant Mode Akira and Takeshi though, there are characters who are sitting at building level+ up to town level+, with hypersonic+ to MHS+ speeds, but they kinda lack hax. They still have Bungaku Banchou's shapeshifting, Gedou Banchou's poison, Gisou and Nenbutsu Banchou's hypnosis, and Hikyou Banchou's prep.

Concerning the characters who are around base Akira's level, they probably stand at about peak Naruto mid-tier levels.

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Character Profiles


Banchou Alliance


Akira Kongou Gouriki Banchou Hikyou Banchou Iai Banchou Nenbutsu Ban. Sasori Banchou


Dark Student Council


Bungaku Banchou Drill Banchou Gaugau Banchou Gedou Banchou Gisou Banchou Jiryoku Banchou
Kenpei Banchou Mujun Banchou Ousama Banchou Takeshi Kongou    


Five Dark Vows


Bakunetsu_banchou_thumb.png Doukke_banchou_thumb.png Kabuki_banchou_thumb.png Kangoku_banchou_thumb.png Nenchaku_banchou_thumb.png
Bakunetsu Ban. Doukke Banchou Kabuki Banchou Kangoku Banchou Nenchaku Ban.


Other Banchou


Gokumon Banchou Hakai Banchou Hamura Kongou Kai Kongou Machine Banchou Ourou Banchou


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