Name: Akira Kongou, alias "Kongou Banchou" (Diamond Banchou)
Origin: Kongou Banchou
Gender: Male
Classification: Kongou, Banchou
Age: 17, 22 (End of Series)
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, skilled hand-to-hand fighter, regeneration (mid-low), resistance to lightning/electricity, resistance to high heat temperatures, can significantly argument his physical stats by growing in size (can grow up to 300+ meters tall), can harden his body by flexing his muscles (greatly enhancing his durability as well as augmenting his damage inflicting capacity with physical offense, by virtue of his adamantine body) | can generate shockwaves (on a countrywide scale)
Weaknesses: Takes at least a few seconds for his regeneration to work its magic (e.g. it took him 10+ seconds to heal two broken legs)
Destructive Capacity: Town level+ (his close-quarter-combat brawl with Hakai Banchou caused tremors and earthquake alerts in mainland Japan within seconds) | Town level+ (far stronger than in base, outright destroyed Hakai Banchou with a Double Hammer), likely higherAt least town level+ (several times stronger than in Wild Mode) | Continent level+ (the Double Hammer clash between him and Takeshi split the entire landmass of Japan, and their battle overall caused severe damage across the planet)
Range: Extended human melee range (due to size, he is around 8-9 feet tall) | Over three hundred thousand kilometers via powerscaling (Takeshi cleared Japan with a single stomp)
Speed: Hypersonic+ movement, massively hypersonic+ attack speed/reactions (kept up with Machine Banchou in CQC and can react to Nenbutsu Banchou's air blasts) | Massively hypersonic+ attack speed/reactions | Massively hypersonic+ | Massively hypersonic+
Durability: Town level+ (withstood dozens of consecutive punches from Hakai Banchou, tanked a huge explosionregeneration also makes him hard to kill) | Town level+ (much tougher than in base), likely higher | At least town level+ (higher than in Wild Mode) | Continent level+ (withstood many attacks from Giant Mode Takeshi, for example, being punched around the planet at high speeds, atmospheric re-entry, being smashed around from his attacks, etc)
Lifting Strength: Class G+ | Class E (on par with his brother)
Striking Strength: Class TJ+ (caused an earthquake alert in Tokyo when he traded punches with Hakai) | Class TJ+ (punched Hakai to bits and pieces) | Class TJ+ possibly higher | Class YJ (his fight with Takeshi caused planetary effects)
Stamina: Vastly superhuman (can endure insane amounts of punishment and keep fighting)
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Expert fighter, something of a battle genius, overall perceptive and fairly intelligent
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Kongou Genes: The Kongou Clan, while similar in appearance to Homo sapiens, is a distinctively separate life-form that has perpetually remained at the top of the food chain, and refused to adapt to environmental changes. Their heritage, which supposedly is the culmination of evolution, grants them an inhuman physical capacity, the ability to recuperate supernaturally swift from wounds or even death, and lastly giant growth. Giant growth is the true, dormant potential of the Kongou cells, which, when accessed, allows them to vastly increase their physical size and power at will.

  • ''Wild Mode:'' Akira developed this mode in order to defeat his brother Takeshi. By increasing his heartbeat rate massively and flexing all of his muscles, his body grows larger, his muscles and skin become much harder and his body temperature rises. In this state, Akira uses 100% of his body's power instead of the 30% normally used, which drastically increases his strength, speed, durability, and endurance.


  • "Rampaging Mode": In his fight against Ousama Banchou, Akira is injected with a cell-activating drug, the same substance his older brother Takeshi was infused with. This drug awakens the evolutionary genes of the Kongou which is dormant and releases the innate energy of his Kongou genes. Though Akira's power in this phase is several times stronger than his Wild Mode, it doesn't even come close to the true power of the Kongou (Giant Mode).


  • ''Giant Mode'': Akira managed to unlock his true potential, the ability to massively grow in size and become a giant, just like his older brother Takeshi. At a height of 300 meters his physical power is extreme, able to offhandedly cause earthquakes and destroy cities etc.

- "Kongou Rumble": Akira has the ability to significantly harden his body himself by flexing his muscles. It is primarily used as the backbone of his offense, by strengthening his fists and forearms, but he has also displayed the capacity to harden his entire body, drastically augmenting his durability and also making his skin impervious to attacks on his pressure points.

  • Bankara Buster: A counter-attack. Akira matches his opponents attack with a punch, and repels their own attack power back at them, in conjunction with his own attack. This move deals with internal damage as the combined power permeates his opponent's body.


  • Double Hammer: Akira Kongou's signature move. After hardening his fists, Akira punches the crap out of his opponent with both hands.



  • Wild Trailer: Hardening his entire body, Akira rushes forward delivering a clothesline.


  • Face Crash: A strong headbutt.


  • Flying Knee: Akira rams his knee into the opponent's body.


  • Meteo Drive: A somersault-suplex.


  • Diamond Circular: A backhanded swing with Akira's hardened fist in a circular movement.

- Killing Intent: Not really an attack, but when Akira gets really pissed, he can severely damage his environment with his killing intent alone. In Chapter 99 he is visiting a Live Tokusatsu performance where the 'villain' kidnaps a little child and the masked 'hero' is obviously a bit in a pinch and does not know what to do. While the other kids in the audience cheer with their parents and the remaining Banchou take this as a silly joke, Akira totally gets into it. He gets so fired up that his killing intent's pressure is blasting the entire stage apart and even the other Banchou can feel the massive pressure he emits.

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Other: Not to be confused with any other similarly-named characters 

Key: Base | Wild Mode | Rampaging Mode | Giant Mode

Stats card (link):
Physical Strength: 10
Technique: 5
Speed/Agility: 6
Intelligence: 6
Guts: 10
Endurance: 10