Space Aussie

Name: Jeice, Jheese
Origin: Dragon Ball
Gender: Male
Classification: Unknown alien species
Age: Likely late 30's
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, flight, the ability to manipulate and use ki both defensively and offensively, skilled in martial arts
Weaknesses: Needs to team up with Burter to fight to the best of his ability
Destructive Capacity: Planet level+ via powerscaling (superior to Saiyan Saga Piccolo)
Range: At least one planetary diameter
Speed: At least relativistic+, likely much higher (far faster than pre-training Saiyan Saga Piccolo whose beam reached the Moon in a few seconds; stronger and faster than Saiyan Saga Vegeta; superior to Goku's Kaioken x3 speed in the Saiyan Saga)
Durability: Planet level+ via powerscaling
Lifting Strength: Class M+
Striking Strength: At least Class NJ+, likely Class XJ
Stamina: Large given his status as a Ginyu Force member
Standard Equipment: His scouter
Intelligence: Average, but is overly confident in his speed
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Purple Comet Attack: Jeice's combo attack with Burter, they use their intense speed to combine the powers of their Ki, which creates a purple vortex around the target.

- Crusher Ball: Jeice's strongest Ki blast.

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