Kirby displaying his abilities post absorption 


Absorption can refer to a wide variety of abilities where a user gains an increase in ability via external means. There are several main types of absorption:

- Power Absorption: The power to steal some or all of the powers and abilities from others and make them one’s own. Power Replication is when a user simply copies the target's abilities without stealing them.

- Accumulation: The power to accumulate various abilities via absorption. This can include absorbing different powers from the target, allowing the user to gain access to several powers.

- Life Force Absorption: High level users can absorb the life force of the victim, killing them in the process or making that life force the user's own.

- Energy Absorption: The power to absorb various forms of kinetic energy into oneself and utilize it in some way, such as converting it into physical strength or using it for energy blasts. This power can also include the absorbtion of energy from electronic devices, from a person's body, the absorption of energy attacks, or the energy around the user.

- Biological Absorption: The user can absorb others into their body, gaining access to their powers and memories. Sometimes this is just used to get rid of a foe that could not be destroyed otherwise.

Absorption users can often shapeshift and often gain regeneration.


Examples of Characters who can absorb:

- Alex Mercer from Prototype can absorb people to heal himself and to disguise himself as the person that he absorbed

- Aptom from The Guyver can absorb characters by touching them to gain power and new techniques from other Zoanoids

- Bardiel (Evangelion Unit 3) from Neon Genesis Evangelion can absorb objects, and in the process will gain complete control over them

- Buu and Cell from Dragon Ball can both absorb characters, while many androids can absorb energy

- Galatea from Bubblegum Crisis can absorb anything made of (mostly) metal, including sentient robots and people in power-armored suits

- Kirby and several others from Kirby can absorb abilities

- Kain from Tenchi Universe tried to absorb Achika to destroy her

- Naraku from Inuyasha can absorb demons and possibly other beings

- Several Makuta from Bionicle have been known to absorb other beings to shape their armor and gather power