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Background Information

Shinzo (aka "Mushrambo" in the original version) is a 32 episode long anime series by Toei-animation that aired in 2000. 

Like many other stories it is also based on 'Journey to the West'.

The first season is set on Earth 300 years (500 in the dub) after a devastating war between human-kind and the Enterrans, a race of genetically engineered hybrid like creatures, with the awakening of Yakumo, the MC. Yakumo is a human girl, who is believed by many to be the last surviving human. Her scientist father had placed her in stasis sleep and for this reason she is only 14 physically despite being born over 300 years ago. His last request of her was that she'd go to a place called "Shinzo", a supposed safe haven for the surviving humans. She is escorted in her journey by an Enterran warrior called Mushra, and later on by fellow Enterrans Sago and Kutal.

Season 2 takes place in the reformed timeline after the defeat of evil Mushrambo. Now, a girl named Binka is tasked by Yakumo to gather the trio and bring them back to her so that they can merge into Mushrambo once more and save Enterra from the ancient evil Lanancuras.


Standing in the Battledome

Most of the high tiers and top tiers possess hypersonic speed, destructive capacity and durability within the at least city level range.

This makes generally the major characters in Shinzo stronger than the likes of Hunter x Hunter or Fullmetal Alchemist (although they lack a bit in the speed department). 

The god tiers (like Guardian Mushra and Lanancuras) have feats like moving at sub-relativistic speeds and having also large planet level stats.

With it's god tiers, Shinzo is much stronger than the likes of the HST, Psyren and Yu Yu Hakusho.


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  • Crimson Dragoon
  • Deer Lord
  • Kurou


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Main Cast

Insect Enterrans

  • Katris
  • Tombo
  • Gitai
  • Daku

Reptilian Enterrans

  • Waru
  • Gyasa
  • Grandora
  • Ryuma

Bird Enterrans

  • Caris
  • Rusephine



Weapon Profiles

  • The Reversion Blade