He is Yorozuya Gin-chan


Name: Sakata Gintoki, Gin, Gin-san, Ginnoji, Shiroyasha (White Demon), Mr. Odd Jobs
Origin: Gintama
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Samurai, Yorozoya (Freelancer), Former Jouishishi (Terrorist), Disciple of Shouyou Yoshida
Age: 20s
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, dexterity, endurance, can sense presences, skilled fighter (master swordsman, (can use ittoryu and nitoryu), hand-to-hand combat, he can also use other weapons like staves and various bladed weaponry, can replicate martial abilities even after seeing them just once), can touch, communicate with and exorcise spirits
Weaknesses: None notable 
Destructive Capacity: At least city block level+, likely multi city block level (matched Nizou with the Benizakura blow for blow) | Town level+ (fought Housen who was once comparable to Umibouzu and managed to hurt him, matched Leukocyte King's fire spell that partially vaped Maou Castle) | City level+ (redirected a blast from Douman, can seriously injure Kamui, more than capable of severely injuring Takasugi as well)
Range: Extended melee range with Bokuto and katana
Speed: At least hypersonic (far faster than fodder Amanto) | Hypersonic+ (faster than Itou) | Hypersonic+ (faster than Sougo
Durability: At least city block level+, likely multi city block level (took hits from a Benizakura amped Nizou) | Town level+ (took a couple of hits from Housen) City level+ (can take hits from characters with power comparable to his own like Kamui, Takasugi and Utsuro)
Lifting Strength: At least Class 10+, likely higher (managed to hold off a swing from Housen for a while)
Striking Strength: Class GJ+ (physically on par with Nizou with the Benizakura) | Class TJ+ (managed to halt a strike from Housen when using all his might) | Class PJ+ (can trade blows with several characters with this level of strength like Kamui, Takasugi, and Utsuro, can even push back Utsuro)
Stamina: Superhuman+ (had an all-out slobber knocker with Takasugi, was able to resist Oboro's paralysis/poison needles for a while, and then proceeded to fight him after having some of the side effects subdued by an antidote from Isaburo)
Standard Equipment: His Bokuto (a wooden sword that can dispense soy sauce), and on different occasions, Gintoki has been capable of getting his hands on a katana or two as well
Intelligence: Extremely skilled fighter (Gintoki's swordsmanship is often said to be very rough and wild but it's his own style that he's mastered and this makes him one the best swordsman in his verse, being a former Jouishishi, Gintoki learned guerrilla warfare and is not above using dirty tactics), was able to replicate Oboro's acupuncture technique after seeing it just once, skilled in the field of stealth (infiltrated a Yakuza house and poisoned all of their sake and stealthy waited for their leader), very manipulative (generally knows how to push his opponent's buttons and which causes them to make mistakes during battle)
Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

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